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Mafiafell Sans AKA Sugar (drawn by @slylock-syl on tumblr )

Mafiafell, History: The monsters lived in an old fashioned version of the Fell universe, and a semi-peaceful older Frisk did several runs through before they all reached the surface and stayed there. Things on the surface started off okay, no one was immediately hostile toward the monsters, but they quickly realized there was a rift between humans and monsters. 

Some were more well off than others, but in the end they had to make ends meet, and a small crime organization started to form. Frisk learned about this and stayed out of it for awhile until there was a giant massacre that happened because of a poorly planned and ill informed heist. They realized what they should do, and that is become the leader of the monster Mafia. 

They slowly took full control of it, putting on the tough guy persona, and they pull off their leadership well, doing well at bridging communication between monsters and human’s organized crime. They still have long hair but they can be seen wearing a dark purple suit. They are much more well off than they let on due to having made so much money off their place at the front. They are the most important and most respected part of the Monster Mafia. 

The Boss

Canon Mafiafell Tumblr Page:


Characters - Nicknames

Sans - Sugar

Papyrus - Spice

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