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Item #: SCP-3781

Object class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-3781 is to be contained in a room without windows and with a small camera in the corner, similar to █████. Entry is strictly prohibited, unless 2-thirds are allowing it. In that case, at least 5 must enter, and carefully examine SCP-3781. If it is provoked, swiftly exit the containment and seal the door.


SCP-3781 is a skeleton measuring approximately 2.04 meters in height. This skeleton bears a resemblance to [DATA REDACTED].

Subject shows very little bone mass, with preliminary analysis of skeletal mass suggesting mild malnutrition. Subjects mouth is indentical to a human skeletons mouth.

Subject appears otherwise identical to a human skeleton, only with large eye sockets, which look really creepy. The specimen shows highbrain activity, but refuses to communicate with any personnel.


Normal Phase

The specimen is completely still and silent, unless provoked, it then enters Core Phase.

Core Phase

Subject will begin twitching and, despite common beliefs about SCP-3781, standing on its legs. It will then start banging on the door. Allowing it to exit would be catastrophic. Its high-functioning intellect will be portrayed through the next event.

Cooldown Phase

Subject begins to use an undescribed language known as ██████████. Through tranlation, it is discovered SCP-3781 is threatening. It then returns to sitting in the corner, still and silent.



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