After all...B L O O D A N D M A R R O W W I L L C O A T T H E S E W A L L S!
— Mae on True Genocide
Mae plays the role of Sans in OC!Tale. She states she knew Sans once before but then... Things happened. Despite her hilarious disrespect for Scora, she attempts to get along with her.


Mae wears a purple hoodie coated with pockets. She also, has large red boots coated over her lower legs and knees.


Mae usually stays calm thinking nothing really important goes on in the world. Inside, she has a deep sense of depression with Scora and Disbelief Papyrus treating her like scum. Occasionally, her temper can get out-of-control and snap at the two siblings scaring them slightly.

In Battle

Mae shares a cameo in the Disbelief Papyrus final battle after he summons there ghost souls back from the dead. Mae shares a complicated set of attacks from 1/8 Gaster Blaster attacks to Boneqaurrel's. She can also split the box in half for 3 seconds. If said attack happens, you must leave the box and attack her twice.


Disbelief Papyrus

Mae's older brother, sometimes she can be scared of him


Mae's twin sister, Mae refuses to do any command Scora throws at her


Mae's rumored father, only she knows if the answer is true


Mae's friend, she occasionally goes round to her casino


Mae's other friend, they occasionally get together to talk about personal stuff like disbelief Papy and thoughts on Destroyertale Sans


Mae's love intrest, she wishes he has the time to talk to him occasionally

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