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* The contents of this page are from a non-canon source, and thus, have no bearing on the official lore of the AU series. But sometime, it may became canon, later... Don't you think?

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"To live a creative life, you must lose your fear of being wrong."
– Mae (quote originally by Joseph Chilton Pearce)

Mae is the little sister of Ink.



She is often never heard speaking, showing a bit of shyness. She has a fondness to music and singing, and has a truly exceptional voice. She enjoys drawing. She hates and likes Error, so it's hard for her to hurt him. Her best friend is Jae, and when around her, is funloving and eccentric. She hates puns, but loves pranks.


She has no hair and white bones. She has multicolored heart shaped pupils. Her fingers levitate over her actual hands.

She wears a good amount of cool colors. She wears a blue long sleeved shirt, which is underneath a dark blue T-shirt, purple fishnet tights, a dark purple skirt and dark purple boots. For accessories, she has a dark green satchel, which carries various art supplies, a green scarf and green fingerless gloves.


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