"Hahaha... Too intimidated to fight me, huh bookworm!?"
– I.M. Meen

I.M. Meen is an living human and dummy hybrid who lives in the Garbage Dump, he is portrayed as a sub-boss in YTPtale.



Meen is a light brown-ish dummy with a grey wig, a dark brown stand and a blue vest. He has dark grey eyebrows and a gold pin on the side of his head.


I. M. Meen is an arrogant, insufferable braggart who believes he is the "most powerful magician in the world." He is sadistic, self absorbed, and (as his name implies) mean. He constantly taunts Caillou throughout his fight and enjoys watching them suffer. If he is ever victorious, he rubs his victory in. He is also a sore loser who breaks down in tears if Caillou defeats him.



In Battle


  • Meen Magic - I.M. Meen will conjure up 1 or more balls of pure magic that will target at the protagonist. After about 3 seconds the balls will lose it's target. They can be redirected to injured Meen.


  • His name is a pun on "I am mean."
  • His full name is Ignatius Mortimer Meen.

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