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Mad Rea is the UTAUWikiChange version of Papyrus. While she is physically a ragdoll, it can be said that she's more of a puppet.

"Are you kidding me?! Jesus Christ, it's like talking to my reflection, only I don't get a response!"
– Mad Rea's reaction to Nitro's laziness, possibly alluding to Gasters possession over her



She is passionate, eccentric, loud and excitable. She has a more Undyne-like personality. She has a short temper, and will easily snap if a puzzle goes wrong. However, she can be calm, friendly and caring when she feels like it. Her dream is to join the Royal Guard, despite Deletey not allowing it. She is easily irritated, and will yell at Nitro if she catches him sleeping on the job.


She has stitches on her face, resembling Gasters cracked face, and torn fabric holes in her hands. She has auburn middle-back length hair, fabric skin and red eyes.

She wears a white tank top, a blood red skirt, blood red boots and gloves and a blood red scarf. During her date, she wears a red T-shirt, jeans and her normal boots and scarf.

Weapons and Abilities

She introduces the Hot Pink soul mode, which is identical to Blue mode. She fights with knives instead of bones.


Despite her temper, she is very naive.



She often yells at him to stop being lazy. She knows about his strange powers, but says nothing. Secretly, she admires his sprite-editing, but refuses to admit it.


While they are close friends, she refuses to trust him.


Despite being ☼︎♏︎♋︎'s "puppet", Mad Rea does not remember that ☼︎♏︎♋︎ formerly existed, or that she is possessed by the former sprite maker.


  • She makes sprites from scratch and draws art.
  • She is learning culinary art, but is not very good at it, as she has no sense of taste.


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