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Nina is the Shiptale version of Mad Dummy. She is not shipped with anyone (fortunately).



Nina has an aloof attitude when making conclusive presumptions, which is notable when any action the protagonist does to the dummy is considered unfathomable. She also despises the feeling of powerlessness, feeling disarmed when their dummies cannot kill the protagonist quickly. She also acts unhinged at exciting points of an event, often repeating three times what she says in a crescendo and uttering maniacal laughter, such as against the protagonist to entice an outward fear of hopelessness and boast her invincibility.

Despite her somewhat psychotic behavior, they can be calm and collective and can cooperate with other people, seeing how she does not bother the protagonist after Napstablook interrupts the battle and serving as UndertaleTrash3's punching bag for training outside his house.

When Nina turns into Glad Doll on the Genocide Route, she becomes so angry that she became corporeal with her doll, making her jubilant and thankful to the protagonist, so if anything, Nina just needed to let off some steam.


She does not resemble Mad Dummy. She has peach fabric skin, orange matted silk hair, red eyes and several stitches all over her body. She has 2 arms and 2 legs.

She wears a yellowish orange torn dress and no shoes.


  • Nina is "Doll" in Catalan.
  • Her sprite would more resemble Underswap Undyne's sprite.


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