Mad Robot, also known as Maddaton, is a ghost possessing a robot. He is a miniboss in Waterfall.



He has a temper. No matter Frisk's actions, he will get angry and fight them during the Neutral Route. He is shown to be rude, calling his attacks "awful" or "garbage". He can be described as insane.


He has light grey metal "skin" and messy blonde hair. His schleras are black while his pupils are orangish yellow. He has sharp teeth, and is missing a tooth. When he's in his Gladdaton form, he is smiling, and his expression is happy instead of angry.

He has shoulders and a neck like Mettaton's, an orange chest piece with a gauge on one side and buttons on the other, black pants and orange medieval-esque boots. He wears elbow-length orange gloves. He has a lamp looping around his body, with a plug in his leg. His body hovers over his legs, and in between the two are sharp, yellow teeth.


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