VuriTale Character(M)

"This Is my worst case of Deja Vu ever.."
– M,upon Resetting for the First Time.

He has a Much Longer Name,but he prefers to be called"M" You can create his nickname in the Loading Screen. He can die by turning into a Disintegrating Ash(Special Battle Ending),or while battling a Monster.

He is a Fusion Soul, so basically a hybrid amalgamate.He is supposedly not entirely Human. He is Unique because he has a Fusion Soul, filled with Curiosity,Courage,and small amounts of DeterminationThese Type of Souls are Extremely Rare in VuriTale

He has 6 speed.

He has a similar power to Betty's Akuma,as he can take Souls from Monsters, even if they aren't a Boss Monster, or even while they are alive. Doppleganger uses this ability to get stronger faster in the Genocide Run, earning EXP for both killing them and crushing their Soul

He is trained to detect and deal with monsters.He also has many temporary items that are unique only to himself

  1. Dusty Handkerchief(Since its Dusty,you can tell he's not phased by killing Monsters,It gives you +3 Speed,and a small chance that you won't be hit by an attack)
  2. Bandage Wrappings(Can Only be Used in One Run,as it completely maxed the players health and gives the player +3 HP,Doing this in a different game with give the Message"*Apparently,The Wrappings Aren't in this Universe Anymore..?"


His Intentions are unknown,as He prefers to have plenty of choices and options, he doesn't have any moral code. He's most likely good,since Artlu fights Doppleganger at the end of Genocide Route. His morals are judged by you, the Player.

Likes and Dislikes

Despite no Morals,He has Personally

+Shiny Objects



+Food,Lots and Lots of Food

+Any Recreational Device He can get his hands on


-Jokes his own details

-Terrible Insults


-Bribing and Shopping

-Complex Puzzles,He's smart,but he's better with a pencil




Papyrus/Disliked,but they try to hide it






Frisk/Despised(Because they set the monsters free in the first place)

Doppleganger/Hated,Tries to hide it on Multiplayer,Brotherly Relationship

Artlu(Imagine Flowey and This Character)/Close Relationship

Undyne/Not Afraid,Yet not comfortable at the same time


Echo/Brotherly Relationship

Characters like:

Artlu,Doppleganger,and Echo are Secretly the Same Human,in some ways

Note:Echo/Artlu aren't Human

Doppleganger is like a Copy of them,they can share the same soul,but him himself has a Monster/Human Soul

H.D.has a Similar Appearance to Doppleganger,He's also a Master of the Void,yet he doesn't count as a Variant of M,Simply Because,He's a Demonic Glitch

Likes/Dislikes actually have a Purpose in VuriTale

If He's Happy, His Bandana gives him a higher chance of dodging attacks,and he can do the Full Pacifist Run.

If He's Angry,He has a Tendency to get Hit More,and Can Interrupt a Mercy input and will sometimes INSTANTLY kill a Monster they are currently fighting,He also starts fighting walls,floors,civilians,and even Shopkeepers By Himself to Relieve Stress 


Statistics in the Battle:

40 Defence-60 Attack

CHECK>*Reading this REALLY isn't the best use of your time..but if you want a description,here:

CHECK 3 TIMES>M:Stop Staring at me like that?

INSULT>M:Like I Haven't Heard that Before..

JOKE>M:Who jokes in the middle of a fight?..

Dodged First Attack>M:*That's uh.. harder than it looks...

ESCAPE 1st>*That's only making his attacks longer,you know..

KILL>M:..Oh..Well...I'll Just Try Again,and AGAIN-Either Dies on the Floor or a Special Ending where he somehow turns to dust.

SAVE,RESET,AND RELOAD AGAIN>M:How Predictable..and it's not fooling Me..

EAT PINK TOMATO>*Suddenly that doesn't seem like a good idea anymore.."gulp"(-3 ATK)

DRAW KNIFE>M:Maybe put that back where it came from,before I have to KILL You..

Picture(it will stay here until formatting issues stop)

Underlake overworld sprites by couragingrabbit7-dafjpyd

All 3 Current Forms In-game Artlu,M,and Doppleganger Respectively

M Sprite v1 by Mbrudgewatrio-da37d8l

*Fight Version* Be aware that this only uses one of his expressions

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