LuxrayTale is an Undertale AU where the main Characters are Pokemon OCs belonging to LuxrayBlast on Deviantart.

The Pokemon Franchise belongs to Nintendo & GameFreak.

If you don't like what you see, don't be mean about it, I just want comments that are calm about it. This is acceptable and even though you have freedom to judge, please, don't be mean about it.

Notable Changes

General Changes

  • There are more bosses in the Genocide Route.
  • The True Pacifist Route is named the True Pacipaw run.
  • The True Pacipaw run has Side Quests that are available when certain things are done.
  • After doing the True Pacipaw Route, you unlock Challenge Mode. There are a few new Characters.

True Pacipaw/ Pacipaw (Parts):

No Mercy Route:

Character Changes

Art by AnySketches on Deviantart.

Possible Changes

Character Changes and Challenge Mode are Unlocked by Doing a True Pacipaw Route or Emiliano's Nickname, Emile, is entered

  • The Soulless Angel/ Empty one Role is Suizuki Koritsu instead of LuxrayBlast.
  • The Captain of the Guard is Adeline instead of Scar.
  • The Judge Role is Kaleidoscope Freeze instead of William.
  • The Idoliser Role is Stella instead of Lunar.
  • The Ambitious Role is Buster Freeze instead of Messy. Calls himself Fiery Buster.
  • The Forgotten Scientist Role is now DeepFreeze's Father, AquaNeo.
  • If Emile's name is Entered as the character name, these changes will happen and this Message will appear: By using this name, you're going to face exciting new challenges and bad times.
  • The Message "You're going to face exciting new challenges" is a reference to the Pokemon Games where the Professor is saying that you'll be facing exciting challenges, excluding Kukui in Sun and Moon since you already heard that speal 6 times at least. The Bad Time message is a Sans Reference.


LuxrayTale's Mascot is none other than LuxrayBlast's Daughter, Tinsle. She has the Restaurant Owner Role in LuxrayTale.

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