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LustFell is a combination AU between Underlust and Underfell, all the characters are very similar to their Underfell counterparts, but just a lot more sexual.

At the time of writing the creator of this AU, fullofbadtimes, has deleted their tumblr, and appears to have abandoned this AU, so now this AU is considered a Community AU.



Sans, who is usually called Edgeberry or Sinberry, acts very similarly to Underfell Sans. He is rude, edgy, and selfish. He is really disrespectful and mostly treats people like trash. Like Underlust Sans he acts like a slut and wears showy clothing.


Papyrus is very lustful and kinky. He'll often try to seduce anyone that he's attracted to. He's very similar to Underfell Papyrus, except he's very slutty, like Underlust Papyrus.


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Frisk is a kind teenage human who somehow ended up falling into the world of slutty monsters. She is very determined to help the monsters, even though she really isn't comfortable here.


Mettaton is a very slutty robot and the star of the underground. He has his own series of very popular shows in the Underground. He is similar to Underfell Mettaton.


Grillby owns a stripclub in Snowdin. He entertains his customers by doing something sexual while serving them, or just slowly stripping naked on the strip pole. He is similar to both Underlust and Underfell Grillby.