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Loveshift is an AU similar to Storyshift where characters shift in pairs. It is more love themed than the original game and introduces a new Matchmaker route, where in addition to sparing everyone, Frisk also helps characters to find love.



  • Similarly to Storyshift, 5 pairs are shifted, creating a "swap loop" of 10 characters. In this AU, the pairs that are shifted are 5 swapped pairings from Shipswap.
    • Muffet and Asgore
    • Toriel and Sans
    • Papyrus and Mettaton
    • Napstablook and Shyren
    • Alphys and Undyne
  • Asriel and Gaster are swapped. Unlike in Altertale, where Gaster is a child and Asriel is an adult, in this AU, Gaster and Asriel keep their original ages. Gaster is the father of Papyrus and Sans while Asriel is Asgore's child. Due to Asriel's young age, he was not a Royal Scientist but instead he was Asgore's lab assistant.
  • Chara, the first human to fall down, was an adult and in a relationship with Gaster.
  • Frisk is an adult and taller. This leads to differences in some interactions.
  • Frisk and Napstablook still go on a date similarly to Frisk and Papyrus in Undertale. The date ends with Napstablook admitting that he doesn't have feelings for Frisk and simply went to the date because he didn't want to be rude. On a Love route, Frisk can agree to find a love interest for Napstablook.
  • Doge, a scrapped character from Undertale, has been readded. This is to keep the number of characters in the Canine Unit even.
  • In the Lost SOULs appear in the following ways:
    • If none of the main pairings where none of the pairings involving them are together, they appear in the following way: Sans and Papyrus together, Napstablook and Mettaton together, Asgore alone, Muffet alone.
    • If Frisk got Papyrus and Mettaton together but neither Sans nor Napstablook with their significant others, Papyrus and Mettaton appear together while Sans and Napstablook appear alone.
    • If Frisk helped both Napstablook fall in love with Shyren and Sans with Toriel, those two pairings appear together. In this case, Mettaton and Papyrus appear separately or together depending on whether they are together or not.
    • If Frisk only got Napstablook or Sans in a relationship but not the other and didn't get Papyrus and Mettaton together, the dating couple appears together and the other appears with their relative.
    • If Frisk only got Napstablook or Sans in a relationship but not the other and also got Papyrus and Mettaton together, the dating couples appear together and the single one appears alone.
    • In a Matchmaker route, Muffet and Asgore appear together but in a Pacifist rote, they appear individually.


  • The Ruins have been changed to THE GREAT PAPYRUS' FORTRESS.
  • Snowdin is still Snowdin.
    • Grillby's is now a romantic restaurant.
    • Snowdin Town has Valentine's Day themed decorations instead of Christmas themed.
  • Waterfall is now Heartfall, a pink location with pink trees that have hearts in them.
  • Hotland is now Warmland and is slightly colder than Hotland from Undertale. There is no Lava.
  • The CORE has been renamed to Heat Generator, since it was built by Asgore, who is bad at naming.
  • New Home is now simply called home (with a lowercase h) since it was named by Sans. It is in black and white because Sans was too lazy to color it.


  • There is an additional Matchmaker route where Frisk helps the characters find love. It is similar to the Pacifist route but has extra requirements. A normal Pacifist route doesn't include a date between Muffet and Asgore.
  • LOVE still refers to Level of Violence despite there being a Love route. In the Love route, a different level, known as LOSS (Level of Sailing Ships). LOSS increases with RSP (Relationship Points).
  • At the end of a Love route, Frisk can choose to reveal their feelings to one of the single characters. However, this is entirely optional.

The following requirements are needed of each route:

  • Matchmaker route: LOVE is 0, LOSS is 19. This is the only case where Muffet asks you to deliver a letter to Asgore. After the date between Muffet and Asgore, LOSS increases to 20.
  • Pacifist route: LOVE is 0, LOSS is less than 19.
  • Genocide route: LOVE is 19 and every encounter has been killed. Results in a battle against Mettaton, which results in LOVE increasing to 20.
  • Neutral route: None of the above. Changes depending on LOSS and LOVE. If the person in charge of the kingdom has found love who is also alive, the two rule together.


  • Butterscotch pies and cinnamon pies can be bought in bake sales run by Toriel.
  • Papyrus gives Frisk spaghetti at his home. Earlier in the game, Papyrus asks Frisk which kind of spaghetti sauce they prefer (there are two options) but end up putting both.
  • Gerson sells an item called Rose. It is required to complete a Matchmaker route where it has to be sold to the Tem Shop Temmie.
  • If the rose is sold to the Tem Shop Temmie, the Annoying Dog appears there as well and brings a new item called the Toby Gun. It is the second most powerful weapon (most powerful outside of a Genocide route) and like the Temmie Armor, it is expensive.
  • Frisk can find tea in Asgore's lab.


  • Frisk is the main protagonist of the game.
  • Flowey is an evil Flower and the final boss in a Neutral route. He is actually Gaster.
  • Papyrus is the caretaker of the Ruins and the younger brother of King Sans. He has feelings of Mettaton and made him promise not to attack any humans. He is a much better cook than his Undertale counterpart as he cooks good spaghetti.
  • Alphys is a nervous lizard monster who lives in Heartfall sometimes hangs out in THE GREAT PAPYRUS' FORTRESS. She has feelings for Undyne. Frisk can come to her home and watch anime with her.
  • Mettaton is a ghost/robot who lives in Snowdin with his cousin Papyrus. He enjoys popularity. He has feelings for Papyrus, something he admits while hanging out with Frisk if the LOSS is high enough. He transforms into Mettaton NEO in the Genocide Route and is the strongest boss in that route.
  • Napstablook is a ghost who likes music. Unlike Papyrus from Undertale, he has no interest in joining the Royal Guard. Instead, he simply hangs out with Muffet to get inspiration for his music. He can date Frisk despite having no interest in them and might also fall in love with Shyren.
  • The Canine Unit is a part of the Royal Guard consisting of six dogs. All of them can be met in Grillby's if spared. However, if Frisk doesn't help them fall in love, they will sit alone.
    • Doggo is a blind dog who can only see movement. He has feelings for Doge and loves the way she moves.
    • Lesser Dog is a dog whose neck growns when it is pet. It has feelings for Greater Dog.
    • Dogamy and Dogaressa are a married dog couple. However, they have had relationship problems recently and Frisk can help them.
    • Greater Dog is a dog who likes to be played with. It has feelings for Lesser Dog.
    • Doge is a member of the Royal Guard. She has feelings for Doggo.
  • Grillby is a fire monster who owns a romatic restaurant in Snowdin.
  • Monster Kid is a monster introduced in Snowdin. They are a big fan of Muffet and wear an outfit with spider webds.
  • Temmies are a species of weird creatured encountered in Heartfall. The Tem Shop Temmie has feelings for the Annoying Dog, something she will reveal if the protagonist sells her a rose. This leads to Temmie telling her feelings to the dog.
  • The Annoying Dog has mostly the same roles as in Undertale. However, it has one additional appearance as when Temmie reveals her feeling to it, it starts to appear in the Tem Shop alongside her. A new item is also added, which is the Toby Gun.
  • Undyne is a fish monster encountered in Heartfall. She wears armor but reveals her true apperance if spared. She has feelings for Alphys.
  • Muffet is the leader of the Royal Guard. She chose the job partly to protect the spiders but mostly because she earns a lot of money by doing so. Because of this, she can be spared if Frisk pays her enough money but also if Frisk flees and rescues a spider.
  • Asgore is the Royal Scientist who mostly appears to be kind to Frisk. He also helps Shyren with her career as a singer. It is unknown if he has a past connection to Toriel but it is likely as he has a son called Asriel.
  • Shyren is a singer and the most famous star of the Underground. She has an agent. She is mostly seen facing away from the protagonist but reveals her true appearance during the final battle against her. In the Genocide Route, she has a different appearance.
  • Toriel is a monster who runs a bake sale in both THE GREAT PAPYRUS' FORTRESS and Warmland. She sells Cinnamon Pies and Butterscotch Pies.
  • Sans is the king of the Underground and the older brother of Papyrus. He killed the six previous humans and believes that he can bring justice by breaking the barrier. He misses his brother. Unlike his Undertale counterpart, he has more than 1 HP and doesn't avoid attacks.
  • Gaster was the father of Sans and Papyrus and the former king of the Underground. He died when Sans and Papyrus were still children in the same was as Asriel in Undertale. He was later brough back as Flowey. He is the final boss in the Pacifist and Matchmaker routes, but it is only in the Matchmaker route where he truly reveals his feelings for Chara.
  • Chara was the (presumably) second spouse of Gaster and the step-mother of Sans and Papyrus. She hated humanity and has mostly the same role as Chara in Undertale but she is an adult.
  • Asriel was the former lab assistant who went missing. Asgore never mentions him, possibly due to being too sad of his loss. He can be found in a room in Heartfall if the FUN value is 66 but disappears when Frisk tries to talk to him.

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