"A rose? For a body? Your an idiot." - Lost Asriel

Lost!Asriel is a version of Asriel who could not return to his original Flowey form, as the only flower (Flowey's body) he could insert himself into was gone. Because of this, he wanders aimlessly looking for it. However, Asriel, without a soul, went slightly insane without a soul and ends up glitching randomly into different places, including different AUs.


As a glitch, Lost!Asriel's appearance changes often. It usually changes depending on his emotion, which means outfits can also combine.

  • Anger: The green parts of Asriel's sweater turn red, the yellow stripes maroon. The sweater drips off on every side possible. On the back is the Delta Rune symbol. He has no eyes, where it is instead replaced by a red "X". In this form, it gets harder to see, and therefore easier to dodge his attacks.
  • Sadness: Asriel rarely feels sadness, guilt etc. However, when he does, vines start swirling around him, that only goes to his neck, though they never touch. A space also appears where his wrists should be. The green part of his sweater turns black, the stripes zigzagging and blue.
  • Happy: This is usually what Asriel looks like. The colors of his sweater do not change. His ears are longer and droop uselessly, however, their are three triangle-shaped spikes upon the bottom of each one. The end of his muzzle, where his nose should be, is a rose, that grows depending on how strong the emotion is when is this form. It is usually very big. He may also gain a scarf or crown on some occasions.
  • Fear: Asriel has yet to feel this in front of anyone, but he claims that he wears a hoodie with a galactic pattern that always covers his eyes. There are always cigarettes in his pockets, ranging from one to ten. The hoodie is also told to have each button upon it. The top has the 'Fight' button, under that the 'Act' button, then the 'Item' button, and the 'Mercy' button at the bottom. That is, as he claims.
  • Love: Not even Asriel himself knows.
  • Embarrassed: Asriel doesn't usually feel this. When he does, however, his body becomes fuzzy and hard to see. From what you can, he green part of his sweater turns pink, the stripes switching off of black and white. His eyes disappear, and he can no longer see (which means he may turn back into the anger outfit, if not already part of that)
  • File: This only appears when Asriel is in the multiverse, a file, or simple feeling no emotions. The green part of his sweater turns white, and the stripes are orange. His eyes are pupiless, and there is a green outline around them. His claws grow sharper.


Asriel will gladly fight, whether provoked or not.

  • His main attack is used with a weapon he calls "Nightmare Sycthe". As the name states, it is a Scythe made out of shadows. There is a chance, however, that if you stand still when he's using it, it might not hurt, but only if you stop right as you make contact with it.
  • His attack that hits from far away is what he calls "Hope Arrow". It is a stream of light that, when touched, takes away hope, and therefore maximum HP.
  • His close up attack, excluding the Nightmare Scythe, is the "Root Ball". It may not look like much at first, but it can actually shape shift into objects to fight with. It actually does more a bit damage then an ordinary root would do.
  • His last attack, the extra attack, depends on his mood, just like his outfit. The rest of the attacks will show them in closer detail.
  • The "Anger Extra Attack" is two floating guns, each of which appear hovering over Asriel's shoulders, that can shoot rays as tall and wide as missiles.
  • The "Sadness Extra Attack" is simply the ability to summon water and make it disappear. He can also manipulate the shape of it.
  • The "Happy Extra Attack" is the heart locket from Chara, except when opened flowers of all kinds appear to make the player have a harder time dodging things, as each flower takes alway 1/2 point of HP.
  • The "Fear Extra Attack" is an orb called the "Dream Orb", which can be used to manipulate his enemies thoughts and emotions.
  • The "Love Extra Attack" remains hidden and unknown
  • The "Embarrassed Extra Attack" isn't actually anything visible. It just messes up the opponents vision until either he stops using it or his emotion switches.
  • The "File Extra Attack" remains a random attack from any existing Undertale character, whether they are from an AU or not.


For simplicity, his personality traits will be shown in a bullitin list

  • Insane
  • Aggresive
  • Selfish
  • Hypocritical
  • Somewhat Idiotic
  • Sly
  • Cautious
  • Reckless

drug side

He also enjoys drugs and alcohol if he can get ahold of them, though unluckily for him he can never find some. He enjoys bringing suffering to other AUs when he finds they don't hold his needed vessel, as he deams them "useless in every way". He refuses to destroy them, however, as part of his old self still resides within them, though this seems to be the only hint.

When he gets drunk, he gets very angry at everyone in the building because they're "In my personal space," which is already something he values greatly. That is, unless he touches you first (which, he has yet to do). He may also get more aggressive or perverted when drunk.

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