Sometimes you have to change your point of view to see the truth.

- ????

LogTale is an AU or rather Alternative Timeline created by

StrikeYoko on deviantART. It started as an fancomic based

on an Undertale theory the author had at first but evolved

rapidly into an independent AU. Because of the origins as

a game theory, most of the story is similiar to the

original game and based of in-game facts.

It's basically a trilogy, which is the reason

why every part requires different categorys.

About the AU

Protagonist of this AU is Chara Dreemurr which is seen as female which is suffering under various mental illnesses.

Because the story often handles with depressing matters and psychological problems it's a bit dark sometimes.

The AU basically changes the perspective of the events of the game and shows, that not everything is like it seems.

Part 1, LogTale CS is finished. Part 2, LogTale CT is still ongoing. Part 3, LogTale CL will start once CT is finished.

Part 1: LogTale CS

" I told you you were an idiot, didn't I?!"

- D.Chara, LogTale CS


LogTale CS is set before the events of Undertale happens and tells the backstory of Chara.

As an victim of mental abuse, bullying and depressions Chara climbs Mt. Ebott to commit suicide,

because she isn't able to bear her inner pain any longer. But instead of dying, young prince Asriel

Dreemurr found and took care of her. Soon she got adopted by the Dreemurrs and spent a

wonderful time living in the underground, until one day all of her repressed dark feelings came back.

After being repressed for such a long time, those feelings appear Chara like they have an own

consciousness. Fearing, that she could loose her mind and hurt everyone she loves, she

poisened herself with buttercups to protect them against herself.

Read the comic here

Characters (only basic information)

  • Chara Dreemurr
  • Dark Chara - Charas split personality
  • Asriel Dreemurr - adoptive sibling of Chara, best friends
  • Toriel Dreemurr - (adoptive) mother of Asriel and Chara
  • Asgore Dreemurr - (adoptive) father of Asriel and Chara
  • Undyne - pupil of Asgore, friends with Chara and Asriel
  • Dr. Gaster - aqquaintance with Chara for mental healthcare, royal scientist
  • Dr. Alphys - royal scientist after Gaster

Part 2: LogTale CT

" Nothing makes you feeling less existent then being ignored by everyone..."

- Chara, LogTale CT


The story follows the main events of Undertale True Pacifist Run with some changes. Chara is accompaning Frisk as a ghost which

can't be seen or heard, but she still has hope and a glimmer of determination to fix her mistakes and find a way to

save Asriel, even if she don't know how to do it.

Characters (only basic information)

--> This part will expand in the future.

Read the comic here

Part 3: LogTale CL


LogTale CL starts one year after the barrier was destroyed and the monsters gained freedom. New problems and adventures are awaiting us.

Characters (only basic information)

  • Chara Dreemurr
  • 'Sam' Dreemurr
  • Asriel Dreemurr
  • Toriel Dreemurr
  • Asgore Dreemurr
  • Frisk Dreemurr
  • Sans
  • Papyrus
  • Undyne
  • Dr. Alphys
  • The fabulous Mettaton

---> This list will expand in the future.


  • All characters have a new redesigned outfit
  • It is possible that OCs will appear, but the amount will be as small as possible


  • Every monster in LogTale is born ambidextrous.
  • Monsters have an alternative understanding for the matter time. Even the monsters who aren't Boss-Monsters are getting much older than humans.

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