"Heya, reader!"
– Localtale Sans

Localtale Sans is an out-code character that has managed to stay positive despite seeing the world's rot - both in his world and out.

Annoying Dog
This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.


He wears a black and blue jacket, gray shorts and gray slippers. One of his eyes is in the shape of a pink heart and the other is a white button. He has an outlet and plug on a cord hanging around his neck. He wants to look exactly like his friend, Downgrade Sans.

(Warning, roleplay ahead.)


I looked around. Well, everything was white, and I was a Sans, so I was in the Undertale files. I wandered about. Listened to creepy music, talked to Doge, Royal Guards 3 and 4, and Gaster, explored the abandoned rooms, and I had fun doing it. I met a Flowey that seemed like he was broken or something. He told me that he was a Genocide survivor...kind of. I really don't think that there's a "kind of" for that. You either are or aren't. He told me to stay away from a Sans that was being kicked around, as he was supposedly a threat to society. I still don't get that. I never saw any Sans. Then I saw a red...chain...nightmarish...well, whatever THAT thing was running about. I wanted to go talk to him, so I did.

I can't really say much more 'bout it without asking Luna to change the age rating for this place.

So yeah, then I decided: 'Screw it. This place is dangerous and no fun at all. I'm gonna scoop up that poor Flowey that I met earlier and get outta here." So I found him, put him in an old boot (he asked me if I was referencing another timeline. Back then, I didn't know about those, so when I asked him about it, he covered his mouth with his leaves and looked down) and went somewhere else. Somewhere, anywhere would be better than this.

We both landed here, in the Wikipedia. He looked up, and his mouth twitched into a smile. I was in awe. So many myselfs. Flowey looked up to me and said, "I am Mass Genocide Flowey, survivor of a Mass Genocide run and destroyer of that world. Welcome to the Multiverse." I looked at him. I don't care what he meant by "kind of", there's still no "kind of a Genocide Survivor"! MMMMEEEEEHHHHH! I decided to go looking around. I met a thing resembling a Gaster that was all melty and had a belt around him. Out of curiosity, I took his belt off. He started Melting, and I quickly put it back on. Then someone approached me. The mysterious figure looked like a human girl, but her eyes were covered by a lot of lines, she was completelty white - literally - and, um, is anatomy a thing that you can buy at your local Walmart? Because she needed it. She took me to many places with titles such as "Cancelpocalypse" and "Teen Titans Go" and "Undertail". She told me to reflect on it. When I told her about what I thought of it, she looked horrified. It was obvious that she wasn't expecting the answer that she had gotten. She asked me if I was feeling sad or mad about any of that. I told her no, and she went into a fit of rage, saying "WHY NOT?" and ending it with a soft whisper that sounded like "It worked for Downgrade..." and I was scared. I quickly ran away into this page. Sure it looks like a mess now but ths is my room and it has an indoor swimming pool and an expensive couch.


Undergoop Sans - The two aren't friends because of the belt incident.

Mass Genocide Flowey - Mass Genocide Flowey is considerd by Local to be "his teacher".

Doge - The two are on decent terms

Royal Guards 3 and 4 - The three are on decent terms

Gaster - The two are on decent terms

Downgrade Sans - The two are very good friends, and though Local will never suspect it, Downgrade has a...well, it's rude to talk about someone who's listening with his breaking the fourth wall powers. What does he have? WHAT DOES HE HAVE!?


  • He is very social
  • He likes hanging out with his friends
  • He is learning how to make friendship bracelets by being taught by RG3 on his holiday visits
  • I am cool.
  • He refuses to shut up
  • He is a crybaby
  • He suffers from mild bipolar
  • He is a Twitter addict (though he stopped many years ago)
  • I want to start a Twitter account but I don't want hate...
  • He will not be quiet
  • He loves vegetables and fruits
  • I like compliments.
  • He has tape over his mouth 51% of the time
  • *muffled screaming in the background*

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