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Littletale is an Undertale AU where all of the normal Undertale characters have been reduced to children, such as Sans and Papyrus. And look super cute.
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The Littletale Gang


  • Alphys: Pretty much the same Alphys that we all know and love, except a bit more curious and slightly more nervous. Still has a crush on Undyne.


  • Undyne: Is totes rad. Mostly like the original Undyne, if not more friendly. Wears a green hoodie and mostly white shirt. Still has eyepatch, though it may be just an accessory.
  • Sans: The mysterious one. Still has powers of normal Sans, but cannot summon Gaster Blasters.
  • Papyrus: Basically the same as normal Papy. Does not wear battle body, has an orange sweater and red scarf. Has a crush on Frisk.
  • Toriel: Still sweet Toriel, and has two boys crushing on her (Asgore and Sans). Enjoys baking.
  • Asgore: Would be a cinnamon roll if he didn't almost kill Undyne when she challenged him to a battle. Wears basically the same thing as his grown up counterpart. Has a major crush on Toriel.
  • Gaster: Sans and Papyrus' father, but treats them more like science experiments.

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