Lietale is an AU created by "Asriel the Crybaby" in Undertale Amino. This AU isn't "dark" or "gore" like (just for example) Underfell or Horrortale. It's an AU were joy is not existing. Plus, everyone lie to each others and to themselves. This AU is a version of the timeline after a Neutral one if you spared Flowey and didn't kill a single boss monster.



At the beginning of the Ruins, there's isn't Flowey, just a regular flower and Toriel is not comming for saving the protagonist. The Ruins are darker than usually, and Froggits' and others' bodies plus their dust ar lying on the ground. There's spikes instead of the leaves for the (maybe Toriel's) puzzles and traps. A "shadow" is following Frisk and (somtimes) laugh and the narrator says: "You already did hear that laugh before, but you don't know where. . .". Sometimes, when a batlle starts, there's only the narrator's voice box telling "But nobody came", even without killing anyone. Napstablook is unexistent. At the end of the area, Toriel is comming out of her house and say: "Oh, greetings child. How did you get here? I'm Toriel, caretaker of the Ruins. C-come with me. I baked a pie, e-even if I didn't expect you to come down here.." She baked an apricot pie. The protagonist notices that she is more shy than last time, even if he doesn't know why.


Papyrus' traps and puzzles are deadly. Sans is called Truth and he speaks in Wingdings. He is the only one who is not affected by the "Lie Symdrom". Papyrus and Frisk don't understant what he is saying but a little girl's voice keeps telling: "He said "[...]". " and laugh, the same laugh as the "shadow" in the Ruins. And then, the narrator keeps saying: "You reconise that voice, but you can't exactly remember where you did hear it exept in the Ruins.". Just like the Ruins, there's dust everywhere. In Snowdin Village, all of the people hate you.


Eveywhere you could "Check", there's dust and a sort of "blood(?)". When Frisk gets the Notebook and the glasses, the narrator says "Those are oddly familliar to you. It breaks you, it's understandale. Oh, god. . ." . The girl, her, says: "It was our cousin's, don't you remember? I wish that her sister and herself would stay with us, Mamma and aunt Mi. . .". After her sentence and for the first time, she is not laughing, but weeping. The bridge is slippery because of the blood.


The Laboratory seems to be more "professional" than the original. The Amalgamates are just now piles of dust exept Endogeny who is mostly melted. Instead of the anime posters, there is the CORE plans pinned to the wall. As always, dust is kinda every where, exept in the lava and in the cooking area. the color tiles puzzle doesn't seems to work.


The red Scarf (Aria, Gaster, Sans/Truth, Papyrus)

* The war only begun. The Humans were near to the city. The Monsters were near to Mt Ebott. Between all this chaos standed a Monster, a woman, a hero. Her armor was shining, her scarf acted like a cape flying to the wind. Her name was Aria, captain of the Royal Guard. She had a husband, a three years old child and. . . a baby. But she ept fighting, and by her side, her husband kept protecting her, fighting against all the humans who wanted to harm his wife.

* One day, however, Gaster was fighting against a Human with green eyes when he heard Aria scream; she was on the ground, blue tears pouring from her eyes. Gaster gently too her in his arms and went to the nurse tent. But unfortunately, he couldn't stay with his wife; Geson needed help with a purple eyes Human. But nobody came. Shattered, Gaster ran away to Mt Ebott, determined to find a cure for Aria.

* Two months later, Sans, four years old, was waiting for his parents to come what he called "Home" just like everyday. But instead, someone knoked at the door; "Gaster, open, please !!". Sans didn't know that voice, but it was extremly familiar to him. On doubt, he screamed: "He's not here yet. Now, go burn in Hell !!". When the young skeleton knew that this strange guy left, he opend the door. And when the tears were about to pound, he just said this word, and only this word: "Mama. . .".

* Gaster came home, as always sinse he left Aria behind. Now, the Monsters were trapped Underground and they couldn't escape. He expected Sans to come downstairs to greet him, but he only heard a light weeping. Sans was on his bed, his cover on his tiny shoulders. Gaster reached him in only two steps and looked at his child. But it wasn't just a child anymore. In Sans' arms, a little skele-baby was sleeping. Sans noticed his father and siad: "Daddy, it's Mama's. . .". Gaster was able to remember that Sans said something like this, when he was two years old, when he found a red scarf in his own closet: "It's Mama's scarf !! It's the truth, Daddy, it's Mama's scarf !!". Sans looked at his father like his life itself was on trouble. Gaster just answered: "Yes, Sans, I know. But for now, we must find a name for your baby brother." "Pa. . . pyrus ? Papyrus, is it okay, Daddy ?" "It's perfect"

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