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"No matter the circumstances, do not, I repeat, DO NOT climb Mt. Ebott. Deep underground, monsters reside. We have already lost 6 humans after the war. Leave them alone. With 7 human souls the magic trapping them there will cease, and they are free to kill us all!"
– Phone call after Neutral

Lethaltale is an AU made by TheFunHasBegun. The monsters are bloodthirsty, even more so than Underfell or Horrortale. These monsters hate all of humanity, and any monster associated with humans.


  • Flowey is present, and is his normal, demonic self.
  • Toriel is present, but rather than her doing the tutorial, Scora does it instead.
    • Scora is in hiding in the ruins, because she is half-human. She follows the protagonist throughout the entire game.
      • During the Genocide Route, Scora also serves as Sans.
  • Toriel attacks in the same place as the classic, but for a different cause.
  • Sans is cold and merciless, but him and his brother care about each other.
    • Sans fights in every Route.
  • Papyrus's traps are lethal if done incorrectly.
  • Undyne fights the protagonist in the first place she's normally seen, from anticipation.
  • Scora delays the fight until the end of Waterfall.
  • Mae is present, and is fought later.
  • Alphys does not upgrade the protagonists phone.
  • Mettaton refuses to fight, and instead, Mae fights in his place.
  • Asgore is a brute. He is cold and merciless.


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