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LegendTale is an Undertale AU with a different story and characters.


It all began with a war, but the war of LegendTale was between World Saviours and Destructors. This war could only end if one of their masters won: Destructors had "The Holder of Sciera 3" as their master and the Saviours had "The Holder of Sciera" as their master. After years of fighting, the Destructors won. Their evil plan was to keep the saviours underground, and to slowly kill them. From that day forth, they were sending destructors underground to kill world saviours. Hopefully, world saviours could defend themselves. But any humans who fell underground might have been mistaken for a destructor and got killed for no reason.

The story of LegendTale is about a human who fell down and wasn't mistaken as a destructor, but was taken as a human. Well, he fell down at the wrong moment, the moment where the destructors sent their most powerful person to kill the world saviours: The Holder of Sciera 3 himself, who was still alive. The human will hopefully and accidentally stop the Holder of Sciera 3, without noticing that. The human will then meet Roselyn, a world saviour that still believes in humans and hopes for a better future. She will try to protect him as much as she can. But he will go after she understood how much he wanted to find his family.

He will then meet Aurélien, one of the strongest world saviour that ever existed. Hopefully, Aurélien, instead of attacking the human, will protect him from any trouble he could get into. But Aurélien had friends that didn't think the same as him.

After meeting Aurélien, the human will meet Steven, the best friend of Aurélien, even if he wants to kill the human or at least hurt him a lot to make him not dangerous. However, Steven is very nice and will befriend the human.

The human will meet Aurelie, another good friend of Aurélien, But she can't trust anyone and she kills anyone who isn't a world saviour. Hopefully, the human, Aurélien and Steven will manage to make her change her mind, after a long fight.

The human will then meet Dr. Evelyn, the creator of everything that's underground. She doesn't really want to fight, but her creation wants to: The World Keeper, a robot that has the objective to protect underground from anyone. And it isn't gonna give up until he's destroyed.

After that, the human will eventually meet the king of all underground. Nobody really knows his name. Everyone just calls him: "The boss". Even if the boss is a really nice guy, he won't let the human pass, for only one reason: he needs his soul. So he will eventually try to kill him. But the human will win and the boss will lose. Eventually, the human won't kill him. In any case, the Holder of Sciera 3 will reappear and kill the boss. He then transforms into... Well, nothing at all. He just gets 6 shields, that protects him from anything. His power is so good that he could destroy any world saviour in one hit. But the human is so determined to win, that he will eventually.

Aurélien then will understand what may have happened, without telling anything to his friends. He will understand that this human isn't like the other ones and he's almost sure of what will happen. They will meet again. But will he have to fight, or will he have to help? There is only 2 things left to do for the human: kill or befriend. And Aurélien knows that, so he waits for the best... or the worst.