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Rules. They will not be broken.
— Kyler

Kyler is a character in the AU Forevertale, created by Cinder. She is an orphaned monster who lives in Snowdin with her siblings, Chito and Cyclia, as their legal guardian. She is twenty-one years old and is part of the royal guard.


Kyler has light blue hair that goes to just below her shoulders and brown eyes. Kyler looks mostly human, but she has small feathers that are a pale orange color and larger feathers that come out of her back as wings and where her tail bone would be as a tail. Her wings are red with pink lines going form her back to where her wing tips. Her nose is sharp, resembling a beak but not fully being one.

Her armor is made of metal, consisting of a helmet, a breast plate, and silver plates on her calves. She will wear long black pants and a long sleeved navy blue top. On her breast plate there is a delta rune in a shiny bronze color, while the rest is silver. Her helmet is also silver and it covers all of her face except her eyes. When she is not wearing her armor, Kyler wears a white sleeveless shirt and a skirt that goes half way to her knees with leggings. Her wings come out of her shirt and her tail out of her pants.





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