Kopi (Spelled Copi in the Genocide timeline, and whenever they are enraged) is the main protagonist of Alternatale. They are a paper-thin monster who awoke in the Ruins with no memory, and possess a human SOUL that is broken into seven pieces. For some reason, they can hear the voices of the six dead children, and they have the ability to possess Kopi's body at certain points in the story. Kopi is forcibly transported between a Pacifist timeline and a Genocide timeline at random intervals, for unknown reasons.


Kopi is a paper-thin monster that vaguely resembles a human. They have pale white skin and folded arms with tassle-like fingers. They have light brown hair curved into a leaf shape, and light blue eyes with a small mouth. They were a purple short-sleeve shirt with a red 'X' similar to the one on the MERCY button across the chest, along with green pants that have pockets at the waist, along with simple black shoes.


Kopi has a very mixed personality. In the Pacifist timeline, they are a kind, thoughtful person who is always willing to protect Frisk and help out any other monster. They are shown to be more skeptical and analytical then the human though, and often doesn't trust a lot of monsters the first time they meet them. They also tend to act sarcastic or cynical at times.

As Copi in the Genocide timeline, they are much more ruthless and cold-hearted due to the timeline warping their personality. They are also quick to anger and fight with anything that even appears to threaten them After Italic's death, they try to act more calm and think things over before rushing into things.


Being paper thin, Kopi can slip under doors and jump very high due to weightlessness. They can also roll up into a tube to quick transport and compress their body to launch themselves like a spring. They can also retract their arms to launch powerful punches, and they can fold their hands into sharp daggers, as well as extend their arms so that they can glide. Kopi is shown to be incredibly strong, being able to fight on par with Undyne, and has shown to be incredibly durable by taking many of her powerful attacks and being able to continue battling.


See 'Alternatale'


Frisk: Kopi has a very positive relationship with Frisk, and considers the human their best friend. Kopi will do anything to protect Frisk from harm, including resorting to violence, and is angered when Frisk is harmed, in danger, or even insulted. Frisk disagrees with Kopi's violent actions and whenever they fight someone, but the human developed such a bond with Kopi that they admitted to them why they climbed Mt. Ebott, a very personal and hard subject for them, showing how much they trust each other. Kopi pinky promised to remain by Frisk's side.

Italic: Italic was Kopi's first friend, and acted as his tutor for many of the things that happened to them throughout their journey. Italic constantly supported Kopi, and did not regret his passing, having taught Kopi his valuable lesson. His death utterly devastated Kopi, but helped fix his personality.

Toriel: Similar to Frisk, Kopi saw the motherly side of Toriel, and was hesitant to leave her. They were shown to be heartbroken at having to leave her behind.

Flowey: Kopi has shown great hatred towards Flowey due to his constant taunting and mockery. This escalated in the Genocide timeline and led Copi to attack the flower with full intent to kill, but the flower escaped before they could deal the final blow.

Sans: Kopi is shown to have an unexplained dislike towards Sans, saying that they find his puns annoying. Kopi shows signs of both fear and interest in Sans after meeting his Genocide counterpart, and is very cautious of his actions.

Papyrus: Kopi is shown to like Papyrus' personality, and is one of very few monsters who enjoys his spaghetti. He often shows enjoyment at Papyrus' actions, and is usually happy when he is around.

Undyne: Kopi was initially shown to be fearful of Undyne due to the memory of her they revealed. This fear later turned into anger at her hunting down the children, and they ultimately resorted to fight her. When Undyne revealed she never killed any of the children, Kopi's hatred vanished and the two became friends, as Undyne was shown to respect Kopi's strength.

Alphys: Kopi is shown to be increasingly skeptical about Alphys throughout the events of Hotland, until they are able to piece everything together and rage aloud about why she would put them through Mettaton's trials. Despite this, Kopi is shown to have a great interest in Mew Mew Kissy Cutie, and has expressed a deep desire to watch it.

Mettaton: Kopi is often annoyed at Mettaton's antics, and openly yells at him multiple times. They also seem to dislike his showy nature, calling the MTT Resort pompous.

Red: Kopi seems to greatly value Red as a friend. She is the only monster they have fought with pure intentions, and the two bonded very well afterwards, with Kopi calling Undyne just so that they could learn more about them. Kopi states that once Frisk is gone, their friendship with Red will be their main focus, showing how highly Kopi values her.


Kopi! My name is Kopi!
-Kopi decides their own name in the first chapter
I just didn't want it to be true...the Frisk in this timeline is obviously different from the one I know...
-Copi admits that they knew Flowey was telling the truth
But...the truth is, I CAN'T be by Frisk's side forever...once we get to that castle, Frisk will cross the barrier, whilst I can't. I won't be able to help them anymore...and then, where will that leave me? I'm no closer to finding out who I fact, I'm even more confused! What will happen to me when we actually reach our destination? Once Frisk gone...?
-Copi thinking aloud in Chapter 20
But, Frisk...that's why I truly treasure moments like these with you. I will help you, no matter what. My best friend.
-Kopi thinking to themselves at the end of Chapter 23


  • Kopi is gender neutral.
  • Kopi's two variations of their name can be related to Frisk and Chara. In Pacifist, they are called Kopi, with the same 'K' at the end of Frisk's name. In Genocide, they are called Copi, with a 'C' like the beginning of Chara's name.
  • As of Chapter 24, Kopi is LV 16, with 12000 EXP, 12800 HP, 68 ATK, 22 DEF and 10 MDR. (The HP was calculated by a reader in the Reviews)
  • Kopi's favourite food is chocolate.
  • If Kopi was in Trainertale their team would be Mimikyu, Ditto, Zoroark, Magmortar, Hydreigon and Sylveon.
  • If Kopi was in Poketale they would be a Mimikyu.
  • If Kopi was in Underswap they would be swapped with Italic.

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