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KnightTale is an AU centered around the concept of the Monsters not being forced underground. Instead, they take refuge on Mt. Ebott, where they settle their kingdom, and slowly expand. Peace once again mostly restored with humanity. From here, characters have developed in more or less a similar fashion. Asgore is the King, while Toriel is the Prime Minister of their Parliament. Undyne is still head of the Royal Guard, which serves as the King's personal guard force. The city is much larger than in Undertale Classic, due to the immense room for expansion available to monsters in this AU. As such, a formal City Guard has been established, of which Papyrus is a fresh recruit, while Sans holds rank. Alphys is still Royal Scientist, Grillby runs a restaurant and Muffet a bakery. And Mettaton is an international icon, having starred in various movies over the last few years.

The Story So Far

The story is very new, as it has only just begun to be written, however, two parts are currently out, and more are on the way! The story focuses on Knight Sans and Knight Frisk.


The Genocide Arc

Part One - Bad Omens

Part Two - Dust

Part Three - The Puppet

Part Four - Determination

In the future, as this AU is expanded upon, I shall be keeping this page up-to-date with each story and maybe eventually comic release, to make it easy for readers to find their way to each part of the story.

As the creator of the AU, I'm going to come out and say I am obviously 100% supportive of fan art or fan works, however I would ask perhaps waiting on comics until more of the story is released, so everyone can get a feel the characters. Any fan content can be posted below under Non-Canon.

Non-Canon - Fan Works

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Knight Sans Megalovania -Undertale AU-

Knight Sans Megalovania -Undertale AU-

I'm sorry for the poor video quality, it would not let me render the video higher than 420p, However, I do have the full 1080p images, which I will post below!

I made a second version, still needs some work but I've linked it below: Headphone Warning!

Megalovania - The Fight