Kktale is Basically Undertale, But everyone is The User Kkcantgetright7 because the user wanted to be everyone for unknown reasons and this au is nothing interesting or popular XD. This AU was made mostly For Sprites And Other Things.


  • Frisk = KK
  • Chara = KK
  • Flowey = KK
  • Toriel = KK
  • Sans = KK
  • Papyrus = KK
  • Undyne = KK
  • Annoying dog = KK
  • Temmies = KK
  • Nicecream Guy = KK
  • BurgerPants = KK
  • Alphys = KK
  • Mettaton = KK
  • Asgore = KK
  • Asriel = KK
And all other charaters are = KK

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