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Frisk (a he in this AU) is a Sword Summoner who is capable of using sword artifacts to summon monster companions. Frisk is on a journey to seal away a demon sword in order to belong with his people, but must deal with dark monsters along the way. Using his summoning powers, he can call upon his trust monster friends to help fight off the evil and complete his journey.

these are the translation's i got if anyone can expand or make it better do it JUST DO IT


Sword summoner. I travel with a single sword. There is no power to fight him, but you can call the Artifact spirit that is in the sword with the power of "determination".


The mind goddess of Naginata / CI (Itsukushi). Only on ally, heals a person who has slain. A woman's beast with a mother-overflowing goat. Mercy Frisk like my child.


Small wielding god of crushing (Hone - Kudaki). There are brothers and swords. It specializes in breaking at the peak of a sword rather than slashing. Rarely fight alone, fighting with Papyrus is the basis.


Massive girlfriend with huge warrior · (Hone - Mori). Brothers of Sans. He is specialized in passing attacks. I call Frisk "Human". I am bothered by Sans' idleness and jokes.


Taiko · Fish (Ryu - Gyo) attached mind god. I am specialized in stabbing. A woman samurai who likes fighting in front of a guy and is a close friend and a master of teacher with Papyrus.


Kara - Kuri 's attached mind god. The blade is powered by electricity. A young man with a well-organized facial doll. I call Frisk "Husband (Darling)". I want to stand out.


Musical god of Naginata · Emperor (Sumeragi). The blade is flamed. A gentle big goat giant. There is a slight incense of Ranunculaceae.


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KatanaTale swords characteristic.

Sans:Specialization break enemy

Papyrus:Specialization parry

Undyne:Specialization pierce

Mettaton:Erectric blade

Toriel:(Only the Ally)Healing

Asgore:Flame blade


……And they can use magic bullet.( ˘ω˘ )


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