"Wanna die then B*tch"
– Karma when enraged



Karma deals with PTSD, Sucidal Tendencies and Severe Depression. She alongside Maguto where abused by Calibri Gaster. She also was raped by some muggers when she was finally free from Gaster at age 18. She hates being called a slut by anyone and isn't quick to nearly murder whoever did.


She's a goat with white fur. She wears a black pullover hoodie and has beige shorts and blue shoes.


Has the same clothing but has black hair with blue highlights


She has increased speed and strength due to test done by Calibri Gaster, she aslo has no phobias since Calibri put under intensive nightmare styled dreams. She can summon knives as bones and uses Gaster Blasters as her weapons,



Her adoptive brother, even through their children are dating they accept it since they're not related


Her daughter. She cares about to the end of her life and supporrs her relationship

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