"Nice to meetya"
– Karma introducing herself

Her full name is Karma Seraphim Runner due to her parents visited Seraphim!Sans and liked the name the multiverse gave him



Karma is lazy but still active, she doesn't enjoy making puns and kinda sleeps on her job but cares for her friends and does want to be in Royal Guard. In the Genocide Route, she takes notice of your actions and attempt to stop you. In the Netural Route, they challenge you to a fight as sparring.


She is a goat with white fur and blue eyes and wears a black pullover hoodie with the Delta Rune on it, black shorts and dark lavender shoes.


She has fire magic and learned teleportation. She can summon Dreemur Beamers. She also fights with knives by either slashing or summoning like Undyne's spears

God Of Judgement

When Karma was still in the womb, the doctor said that she was slowly dying from a virus. So her parents travelled to find a cure. That led them to the Underworld and in front of Hades. He offered the 2 expecting parents a deal give up their relationship for Karma's life. Instead, Karma's dad used his full power once and slashed at Hades soul and took half of it. Both escaped, they placed the soul in to Karma's giving her the alias of the "God Of Judgement".

Alternate Undervere


She appeared with BrokenTale!Karma when Zara was threatning the team and kinda cursed her out. Then she and Spectron fought alot but Karma kissed him once


She was kiddnaped by Restore before she was told that she going home after being stuck in the Narutoverse, She seems to have devolped a crush on Keeper Sans



She is Maguto's adoptive sister. They're both each other best friends and he enjoys her cooking a lot.




Keeper Sans

Relationship with Undertale Cast


She enjoys her friend's puns but enjoys carrying him and like going


She and Papyrus are both aspiring cooks and she cares for him. She also like doing puzzles with him and sometimes reads him bedtimes story even if she's younger than him. But, she creates puzzles with him and also enjoys his spaghetti.


She trains with Papyrus and Undyne and respects her skill. She can also be on par with strenght wise.


Karma was overexcited when she met him, She thought that he was serious and no humor but found out he's kindhearted, polite and super-respectful and is shocked to see him in either a sad state or happy state.


She was shocked to find out that she was the Ex-Queen. Karma enjoys her cooking mostly her Butterscotch Pie like everybody else. But, she also tries on Toriel's dresses when she feels like it but with Toriel's knowing. But really, Karma and Toriel are mostly enjoy each others company.


-From the AU, Timeline Tale

- Has her own battle body which is unknown

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