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Jungletale is a nature-based AU. You play as Frisk, a young zookeeper that talks at times. The majority of the characters are any kind of wild cat or other wild animals. It's created by WanderingWarrior647 and is the creator's current AU.


Flowey (renamed as Jaggy)- A small jaguar-like creature but with a bushy mane. He's honest and pleasant unlike Flowey. He can act strange sometimes and struggles to choose a side. He's neutral. He talks with a high-pitched, bubbly southern accent. He talks using slang at times. His color palette includes different shades of brown and yellow with beady light green eyes. The inside of each of his curved ears are bright yellow. His teeth look similar to his Undertale counterpart. Like jaguars, he's very spotty.

Chara (female pronouns)- An aggressive animal poacher/hunter. She doesn't care about animals at all and kills them for sport. She uses her gun and poison darts as weapons. She believes that animals are dangerous and untrustworthy. Lots of the environment is destroyed because of her. Chara despises the player. She carries animal skins and tails. She even hurts humans too before they can get near the animals. She only listens to Asriel and Sans.

Frisk (female pronouns)- A young zookeeper in training and helper at the zoo. She wants to save endangered species. One day she fell into the Underground while looking for an injured animal that somehow escaped. She loves animals. She wears a zookeeper outfit which is later replaced with a striped blue and white shirt including a red 'F' in the center of it and brown jeans.

Omega Jaggy/Photoshop Jaggy- Flowey's transformation after gaining seven souls (not including Frisk's one). Looks mostly like Jaggy but much bigger. He's very loud. In battle he makes roaring, yowling, hissing and screeching noises at the player. Jaggy barely stays still. His tail can be used as a slingshot. A TV aerial sits on his fluffy head. His weapons include: explosive golden flowers, flying spots, the use of his long, red claws and snakes. He's more powerful than Photoshop Flowey.

Sans- A lazy leopard, usually found in the trees spying on the player.

Papyrus- An energetic Bengal tiger. He's protective of Sans.

W.D Gaster- A white lion tamed by Chara.

Sprinkles- An orphaned domestic cat. She lives in the Dreemurr household. She's pale grey with sprinkles stuck to her head and a long tail. For unknown reasons her weight is heavy.

Asriel- A gentle and emotional clouded leopard. He appears at random times.

Toriel- A jaguar. Chara injures her at the start of the game while Asgore searches for her.

Asgore- An African lion. He never fights the player. Toriel and him get along well.

Monster Kid (renamed Tyler)- A hyper cheetah who helps the player. He's moved to the Dreemurr's house as his habitat was destroyed.

Goner Kid (renamed Bella)- A friendly and polite snow leopard who has less energy than her brother.

The Royal Guard- A group of black panthers.

Undyne- A competitive and brave fisher cat. She's often seen swimming and doesn't like being out of water.

Alphys- A nervous caracal. She gets scared easily and is usually seen jumping around and moving around frantically in a panic.

Mettaton- An attention seeking Lynx. His fur is always changing into other colors and patterns.




Jungle (replaces Snowdin)

Savannah (replaces Hotland)

Alpine (replaces Waterfall)




It will be a mix of many songs originally included in Undertale (but altered) and actual songs. The introduction for Your Best Friend will probably sound different. I'll try and give most of the soundtrack an exciting, rocky, adventurous, safari/jungle sound.


(told by ? in game) Long ago, two races ruled over the Earth. Zookeepers and Poachers. One day war broke out between the two races. Frisk wanted to save the animals while Chara wanted to kill every last scrap of them for other uses...No one really knows how the animals got down there. Many years later, like any other game, the idiot fell down. Just a little too late. Will she survive in there? She's food to them. Everyone knows that.

New Characters found in Battle

Present- A sugar glider-like creature somehow tangled up in wrapping paper. Female

Ferrott- A ferret/Rottweiler creature with an aggressive attitude. Willing to attack. Male

Desear- Meaning the verb 'to wish' in Spanish. An adorable, dopey koala/panda-like creature with a bird's tail. She's often heard mumbling because she eats a lot. She encourages the player to make a wish. She chews on her magic wand if she gets nervous, sometimes leading it to break apart and send debris flying everywhere. Female