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Long ago, two races reigned on Earth: Humans and Monsters. One day, war broke out between the two races and after a long series of battles, the humans won. The best and greatest human mages sealed the monsters underground, on the Underground with a magic barrier. Several years after the war, in 201X, a human infant climbed Mount Ebott for unknown reasons. There is a saying that those who climb Mount never return. The protagonist discovers a huge opening in the mountain and falls into the cave. This is where your adventure begins.

True Pacifist Route:

The True Pacifist Route is one of the three main routes of the game and leads to the "best" final of JoelTale and also known as "The True End".

Neutral Route:

The Neutral Route is one of the three main routes in JoelTale and the one that players usually traverse when they play for the first time. In this route, the final boss is Omega Light Flowey; Although after having defeated Flowey once, it will only destroy the soul of Asgore and its fight will not happen.

Genocide Route:

The Genocide Route (sometimes called the EXTINCTION Route), is one of the three main routes in JoelTale. It can be reached in any game without prerequisites, although some subsequent pacifist route will have its epilogue slightly altered, even after A Real Reset.


  • Cris Dreemurr:

Cris is depicted as a white female, with long brown hair and a happy expression. He wears a yellow hooded jacket, short blue jeans and brown shoes.


Cris appears to be a happy and cheerful person who shows quite enthusiasm.

Depending on the end to which the player aspires, Cris could be represented as someone friendly, in the case of the Neutral Route (and especially in the Pacifist Route).

In case the player tilts on the Genocide Path or the Extinction Path, the other characters will see Cris as a cold, haunting and sinister person. All monsters will recognize him as an inhuman being.

Main History:

Cris is the eighth and last human soul to fall to Mount Ebott.

7 years earlier, Cris was on a picnic at Mount Ebott with his whole family and his cousin Joel, his cousin went to explore with Cris the mount, they found a great hole, that without being anyone's surprise, they decided to explore. , Cris's cousin, slipped and fell into the mountain being the first human soul to fall. Cris, since then, every year climbs to the top of Mount Ebott and throws a rose in the hole as a memory of the death of his beloved cousin .In 201X, Cris accidentally falls into the hole of the mountain, thus beginning his new adventure.
  • Joel Dreemurr:


Joel seems to be a happy and cheerful person who shows quite enthusiasm.Depending on the end to which the player aspires, Joel could be portrayed as someone dark, in the case of the Genocide Route (and especially in the Route of Extinction).In case the player bent over the Genocide Road or the Road to Extinction a second time, Joel will say that if he does not get tired of doing the same route over and over again, and that he recommends changing it this time.

Main History:

Joel is the eighth and last human soul to fall to Mount Ebott. Joel was at a picnic on Mount Ebott with his whole family and his cousin Cris, his cousin went to explore with Joel the mount, they found a large hole, which to no one's surprise, they decided to explore. Joel slipped and fell On the mountain being the first human soul to fall. Since then, Joel is living with the Dreemurr family, because when she fell to the mountain, Asriel found her and took her to his family to heal the gap that had been made In the head after the fall. Joel lived until his 18 years of age. Joel died because of a heart attack.

One of the closest friends he had (apart from Asriel) was Doctor WD Gaster, he always went into his laboratory and played with his inventions. After Joel's death, Dr. WD Gaster, took the body of the coffin and experiment With him to see if his soul was able to endure DETERMINATION in a lifeless body.

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  • Light!Sans:


Sans is shown with a very childish and relaxed personality, sleeping at work or taking frequent breaks.He enjoys constantly making bad jokes related to skeletons, to the displeasure of his brother, although it acts like comedian in the MTT Resort, which indicates that it is probable that has talent with the comedy. He is very innocent, and sometimes something restless.He is extremely observant, his language and actions are the ones that change most throughout the game depending on the choices made. He knows how many times he has defeated the player (on the Pacifist, Neutral, Genocidal and Extinction Route). He tends to say that he hates making promises.His laziness seems to be, in fact, a mixture of apathy and fatalism. This is notable in the final battle of the genocidal Route. He is unsure if being aware of the RESET'S has broken his spirit, knowing that everything he does will not be worth anything ... or if he only uses it as an excuse to be lazy.But in the Route of Extinction it says that "HIM" was the reason that he could not be as active as before.

Main History:

Light!Sans is the older brother of Light!Papyrus. He appears at the beginning of the Snowdin Forest, located just outside the village of Snowdin, giving a hot dog to the player because Light! Sans sees him as someone pacfista.En Killed someone will appear a pacifist fight. If you forgive him, say that it was to know how much evil was in his soul, since he has been pardoned, finished the monologue saying that he hid in his post hot dogs because his brother comes. If he is attempted to kill, Light! Sans will launch a Gaster Blaster and cross it with his lightning-type sword, leaving him with a HP of 1 out of 20, and saying that he would have to be kinder to monsters. Main characters in JoelTale and, depending on the player's choices, can be both a friendly character and an ally, as a heroic antagonist.
  • Light!Undyne:


Undyne, Known as StrongerFishy95 in the UnderBook (FaceBook Spoof). She is the Leader of the Royal Guard. She has a completely dark-colored armor of dark violet color, and chases the player across Waterfall, where she resides.

Undyne has a very passionate and intense personality. He is of strong and confident character, as a result of his training under King Asgore Dreemurr, and is ruthless with his enemies.She loves to teach how to train and cook Papyrus as well as instruct the player on how the Green Form works in battle. She has an extremely competitive spirit, but is close to those she considers friends. He has deep respect for his friends, especially with Papyrus and Alphys.Undyne is the only known monster capable of possessing natural Determination, unlike the other boss monsters, although in much smaller quantities they allow their souls to persist after death.

Main History:

Undyne is introduced for the first time before entering Waterfall, where it appears hidden in a scrub next to a ravine. There, Papyrus tries to convince Undyne not to harm humans, but their efforts are in vain. As the player continues to walk, the sound of the footsteps of the player alerts Undyne and approaches the path, prepares to attack with a spear to the player, but finally gives up and disappears in the dark.Throughout the Waterfall, Undyne and Monster Kid (Monster Kid does not know that he is spying on his "friend") spy on the player and suddenly they attack him, although they can be avoided by either avoiding them or fleeing, or when Monster Kid Realizes that it is the human and intervenes in the attempts of Undyne to catch the human.Near the end of Waterfall, Undyne approaches the player at the same time that Monster Kid destroys the bridge, falling accidentally. If the player saves Monster Kid, he will defend him. If the player does not rescue Monster Kid, Undyne will save him instead.After this, Undyne confronts the player and begins a monologue about the history of his people, but quickly stops him adding that he has no case to tell and attack the player. At this point, the player can decide to kill or flee in the direction of Hotland.Once in Hotland, the heat of the place causes Undyne's armor to overheat and she collapses because of that. At this point, the player has the decision to give ice cream from the Nice Cream Guy post, there is also the option to dump the car to the Hotland lava in front of it.If the player gives the ice cream to Undyne and previously has not killed anyone, there is the possibility of befriending her. On the contrary, if someone has been killed previously, Undyne will establish that it rejects the friendship with a murderer.During Undyne's chase sequence, Papyrus will call the player and suggest that both should go to Undyne's house to hang out. After the battle against her, the player can choose to go to meet Papyrus in front of Undyne's house where Papyrus will make the attempt to make her friendships with the player.

  • Light!Mettaton:


Mettaton is a confident and captivating television presenter, lover of drama, action, glamor and violence; Live for your audience ratings and love to act. Sometimes it shows a weak appreciation to the existence, as it is mentioned in several neutral endings. She is a great amantede the humans, because in the Pacifista end she admits that thanks to to surface it can conquer the humans (By the television ) Through their glamur techniques.

Main History:

Alphys met Mettaton (in his ghost form) and over time became close friends, Mettaton (in his ghost form) tells him his big dreams of being a television star and his desire to be able to have a physical body.Alphys told Mettaton (in her phantom form) that she was the Royal Scientist of King Asgore, and that the King himself asked him to build a robot with functions of self-defense and anti-human struggle.Alphys told him that he could give that body to Mettaton (in his ghost form) and that he only had to go every now and then to the door that is at the beginning of Snowdin (The Ruins), to check if there was a human and warn Alphys, perocon the time became unnecessary to go to the door.Mettaton already had his body and proved lucky as a band in a group called "the ghosts of rock", composed by his cousin Napstablook, his friend Shyren and herself.The group disbanded on the death of Shyren's sister, and Mettaton started on television so far.

  • Light!Flowey:


As shown throughout the game, Flowey has a malevolent, despicable and cruel character, constantly rebuking the protagonist for ignoring his "kill or die" advice (philosophy he also shares with sister Joel), and often expressing his desire to Destroy the world. It is very calculating and subtle if circumstances require it, getting to manipulate the player in the Neutral Final to bring him as many souls of monsters as he can find, and being able to keep his memories between "saved" (since he also had the ability Of "save"). He also has a sickly sense of humor, as seen in his final battle, in which he becomes something known as "Photoshop Flowey / Omega Flowey". In spite of all its evil it is insinuated that Flowey sees the protagonist almost like "his best friend". As it is revealed in the Pacifist Route, Genocidal Route and Route of extinction, he lacks soul and, therefore, the capacity to feel love or any other emotion, although he can really feel (but he does not know), as Is shown on the Genocide Route or on the Route of Extinction. His wickedness could be a mere attempt on his part to feel something, even hatred for himself. It is uncertain whether Flowey can be considered a "monster", since it is capable of absorbing human souls and monsters, while at the entrance 7 of the True Laboratory it is explained that monsters can not absorb the souls of their fellows. In addition, the Alphys experiment that created it was intended to see what happened when it injected Determination into something that "was neither human nor monster."

  • Light!Papyrus:

Main History:

Papyrus is the younger brother of Sans, and one of the main characters in this alternate universe (JoelTale AU). He seeks to capture a human to become a member of the Royal Guard.Papyrus is a tall skeleton (unlike his brother, who is smaller). His mouth is shaped like a smile most of the time and his eyes do not have pupils (although when he is surprised he usually gets giant eyes from his basins). He is very expressive, especially with his eyes, since he can only move the corners of his mouth just like his brother.He wears a handmade costume called his "super powerful suit," which is composed of a white piece with red edges, a yellow lightning scarf around the neck, yellow gloves (with red edges), yellow boxers with a red belt, and tall yellow boots


Papyrus is a noisy and extravagant skeleton that shows a sure and charismatic image of himself. He tends to be hardworking and despite his bold personality, he is a skeleton of a very good heart. He is extremely optimistic and innocent (although Papyrus knows quite how someone can act or what can happen), even when he is in danger always believes that every person can be good if he tries.Papyrus occasionally acts unconsciously and distracted, as well as when he tries to scratch himself several times behind his ears, only to realize that he has no ears. Sometimes it is ingenious, which is denoted by using reverse psychology to make Undyne befriend the player.Papyrus is somewhat overprotective with his older brother Sans, because although Sans knows more and is more intelligent than Papyrus, he is too innocent and can learn things that are not entirely pleasing to his brother Papyrus.Despite his shortcomings, Papyrus countered this with the enormously heavy it is when it comes to getting something, a quality that made Undyne pay attention to him when he waited and begged her from midnight to the next morning to accept it as "apprentice in training for the Royal Guard".He loves lasagna and cooking in his spare time, although several characters seem to think he is not very good at preparing it (Cris describes his taste as "acceptable"). Sans says that since he started taking lessons his culinary talents have mostly improved, and that in less than a year, his food might even be "chewy." He also has a love for riddles, as you can see in his conversations and the multiple puzzles he prepares as the player approaches the town of Snowdin. He does not like bad jokes about skeletons and He often says "Myeh Heh Heh!" like laughter unique feature of your character.



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