"Aww! How cute, A hero! How about we play a little game?"

- Jester!Sans


Jester tends to be Mischievious and secretive. He rather stay away from others since he is not very social. He is technically insane. He "Clowns around" Sometimes when around others, He can be rude most of the time around others, Mocking, Insulting, Being sarcastic Etc. He dislikes bright, colorful colours, Especially lime, He cannot stand it, He likes to hide in the shadows away from "Bright" stuff. He extremely dislikes puns, Very much. He likes the one and only Grumpy cat(Tardar sauce =)


Jester wears a worn out, Torn/Tattered, Dark Red and black jester hat with a white ring around the bottom on it, Which has bells on it, Mostly broken. He wears a whiteand black jester themed sweater with questionable red splattered stains on ithe also wears white and black gloves along with golden bracelets, He also wears a pure black choker with long spikes and a few dark red roses. He wears black boots with red fur and pure black pants.

He often carries around a large Black, White and red hammer.



His "Slam" Attack is basically where Jester will Slam his hammer multiple times against/at his attacker 



  • Jester cannot handle a large amount of emotions and will most likely run off from the situation
  • Gelotophobia - Fear of being laughed at, Jester does not like being laughed at and will begin getting frustrated if being continuously laughed at and eventually give up and run off
  • Claustrophobia - Fear of being in small spaces, Jester hates being in small spaces, Especially when trapped in a small room with somebody else, Jester likes wide, Huge areas where he can hide in some spots, Will most likely panic in EXTREMELY small spaces

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