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"You frekin child." -When Jello Is Encountered in a Genocide route Jello is a OC made up by ChristmasFrisk, Who's nickname is actually Jello.



Jello has brown hair that fades into black hair, and is often seen wearing her hair down. She also wears a Jello hat. She wears a sweater similar to Chara's, and also wears the heart locket. She wears black pants and Brown shoes.

-Shout outs to MrZephyrl128 for da Sprite!-


When in a AU

Jello likes surprising characters from AUs, so she blends in with the surrounding. (An example is Ink!Jello)


"Hmmmm....... I'm gonna jump to Storyshift and give some more bad times."

-After The player dies 12 times

Jello can jump to every AU out there. Jello is half glitch, and half human. Jello can also shape shift into anything. She is sneaky and fast.

List of AUs involving Jello




How to beat

Just dodge and kill. However, You must be quick to kill, else she will tp to a random AU.

If you have killed sans, she can TP to a broken True pacifist route where everyone will try to kill you, like in Underfell.


  • Jello has a Sister named Black.
  • ChristmasFrisk and Chocowish like to say that jello "Was the greatest person" Who ever fell down.
  • Jello's SOUL is combined from every fallen human + All Monsters. Therefore, she shares the same amount of DETERMINATION as Frisk.

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