In this fan game, you fight against two monsters: Me, and You. Through the battle, you will switch names between You and Me as well. Every time you attack the monster, you take damage with it.


It's most prominent design factor is that it's been disembodied from its lower torso(which was left hanging on the wall high above it). Its arms are stick-like and seems to be taped together. It has a permament, sadistic smile on its face. Inside its head seems to be gears and mechanism. It seems to be in a straight jacket without its arms folded in. While stationary, it tilts its head and sometimes move its hands towards itself. When it starts its turn, its eyes rolls back in to its head, limps to the ground, and disappear.


it seems to be mentally broken and desires no value to its own life as it is most likely connected to gaster and was lost in the void. After checking it multiple times, it starts to mock you for trying to not attack him. It insults you by not listening when you pray after checking it 5 times. Instead of talking through its own dialogue box, it uses the player's box to speak. It's normal dialogue is orange. when it's angry or serious, its dialogue is in red.


There are several different attacks:

first phase attacks:

  • Paint rains from the sky can come in blue, orange, or white
  • Hands will shake the now spiked battle box, forcing you to move
  • After Praying : Paint rains from the sky again, however, now green paint will rain with the regular paint
  • The battle box will disappear, and columned blocks from the back of the screen will push out.
  • a book will open up and scatter pages.
  • a bottle of flies will push out the cap and proceed to consume the battle box while some flies run into you.
  • a hand will stretch the battle box out to form spikes with one small opening, then release the box to send the spikes to you.
  • three paint brushes from the left, front, and right will swipe a blue or orange paint swipe straight to you.
  • After fighting:
  • an elongated leg will always stomp you to 1 hp every time.
  • Attacks after checking the monster 5 times it starts to converse with you.
  • After it says "so be it":
  • It's attacks deal 5 damage, but the flies will deal 1 damage and ignore invincibility frames.
  • After the paint brush, bubbles will fall from a top perspective to the Bullet board and burst when they hit the ground. A piece of the Mercy button appears after the attack is done. (A piece of the Mercy button will always appear after these attacks)
  • When the hands shake the box, 2 balls bounce on the walls on the box.
  • When the pages fall, words come down to when a tiny warning box appears. Though, it's possible to miss the mercy piece, since it falls through the box instead of landing in the box.
  • While the files come at you, they will also come at you below you. Before the attack ends, the flies that are leaving come right at you fast.
  • 3 paint brushes fire balls at you and the bullet board randomly flashes blue or orange.
  • The blocks push out and release falling spheres.
  • while the hand stretches the box, a paint brush swipes an orange or blue paint toward you, then the hand releases the box towards you.
  • For its last attack, 2 boxes will appear with you in one box and another one with the last mercy piece in front of you. Then, it somehow shatters your SOUL partially into a cracked one. (When your SOUL is like that you will move forever in the direction you last put in) The walls on the box have spikes and 2 boxes on the middle part of the left and right will shoot balls at you. After that, the words come. After that, the 2 balls bounce on the walls on the box. After that, the 2 boxes will connect and you'll recover the last mercy piece.
  • items:
  • croquet roll
  • ghost fruit
  • Ice Cream
  • Pumpkin Rings
  • Trivia:
  • the items are items that were cut from the actual Undertale game
  • post last attack:
  • to really "win", DON'T press mercy. Press flee.
  • The item button will fall off the screen.
  • If you kill him by fighting him, his face will fall off and reveal gears and mechanisms, and disappear like before. then, the words, "It is done" in the color orange will appear and ends the mod.
  • if you mercy it, it says "this is mercy" and kills itself or somehow makes you kill it automatically. After it dies, the word "foolish" in the color red will appear and will continuesly appear and end the mod.
  • dialogue:
  • "hmm?..."
  • "oh, how cute, you think you can show mercy."
  • "you can't show mercy. You can't."
  • "in the void, not everything can be saved, you know."
  • "You still don't heed my words."
  • "so be it."
  • "don't bother saving me, it won't matter in the end."
  • "you just want to know something about me, don't you?"
  • "I thought I had lost everything."
  • "until you found more for me to lose."
  • "my future, I hopes and dreams."
  • "it was all taken away by one little brat."
  • "we'll meet again, you won't be satisfied, I know it."

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