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In this au, there is not much to say. It is basically my subconcious, memories, and creativity turned into some sort of AU.


Long ago two races ruled over earth: Humans and Monsters. (insert UT storyline) When the monsters were sealed underground, several humans were trapped under there too.





Zapper40 = Frisk

Bloxwood!Vagos!Ipbunpak = Chara

Skiedon!Ipbunpak = Sans

Ipbunpak1/Minecraft!Ipbunpak = Papyrus

IpbunpakOne_YT = Grillby

Error!Ipbunpak = Gaster

CharaFrisk7 = Toriel

GoldenKing!Ipbunpak = ASGORE

Diamondsarecool8000 = TeMmiE

GTA!Ballas!Ipbunpak = Asriel

Flowey is himself but his petals are purple and he is wearing a purple and white baseball cap!

Student!Ipbunpak = Alphys

Guardian!Ipbunpak = Undyne

KorbloxSquire!Ipbunpak = Mettaton (OH YESSSS)

PokemonGO!Ipbunpak = Muffet

Doge!Ipbunpak = Napstablook (oh.........)

NareBNSF (not a variant of me) = Monster Kid

Victory StrongWolf = Annoying Dog (I'm not revealing what they look like just yet)

TV_ERR = Memoryhead (all amalgamates are customized by me)

TBA = Endogeny

TBA = Lemon Bread

TBA = Reaper Bird

TBA = Snowy

Everyone else is unaltered!

Misc. & Episodes

Fallen Human Dates

Omega Flowey

Fangame (no link)

E1 "Once upon a adventure":

Song names

Zapper40: Once upon an adventure + Good, the menu! + IPBUNPAKTALE

Vagos: The Abandoned Gangster + Criminal Robs Back (genocide) + (pacifist | Undertoggle) Until Theres Nothing Left

Skiedon: skiedon. + Song that might play when you fight the master of this AU + SCELUS

Ipbunpak1: Hoi hoi hoi! + Diamondwalker

IpbunpakOne_YT: skiedon. + Megalo Grilled Back

Error: Glitch's theme

CharaFrisk7: Hi there young one. + Hearttoss

GoldenKing: Reiche Lizenzgebühren + GOLDENKING

Diamondsarecool8000: Weirdo Town + Diamond Shop

Ballas: Robberies & Heists + Save the universe + It's his theme dawg.

Flowey: (remix of your best friend)

Student: Student + A lot to learn (True Lab)

Guardian: Divine Power + ARGHHH!!! + Divine's Theme + Fight against a true holy warrior

Korblox: Block Melter + Death by enchantments + Power of OVERLORD

PokemonGo: Lavender Dance

Doge: Dog fight...? + Dog House + Barktune


Ruins - They are now green.

Snowdin - No change, except for "Grillby's" is now "IpbunpakOne_YT's"

IpbunpakOne_YT's - Same as Grillby's but 70% less alcohol. Most of the drinks are water and juice.

Waterfall - It is brighter due to DivineGuardian!Ipbunpak blessing it. The water is now sparkling, and the walls are light yellow. It is now called "Holy Waterfall."

Hotland - It's been renamed to Enchantland because ghosts and dragons reside there and the lava is glowing purple instead of red-orange.

CORE - Still the same.

Muffet's Cave - Renamed to PokemonGo's cave. He sells pokemon themed treats. The webs have been replaced by red, black, gray, and blue streamers.


Judgement Hall: The Hall is mostly purple instead of yellow.


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