Ipbunpakspin is a combination of Ipbunpaktale and Storyspin.


Zapper40 = Frisk

Skiedon!Ipbunpak = Chara

RichGuy!Ipbunpak = Sans

CharaFrisk7 = Papyrus

IpbunpakOne_YT and Error!Ipbunpak are the same.

Student!Ipbunpak = ASGORE

Diamondsarecool8000 is the same.

Ballas = Napstablook

Flowey is a light blue minecraft flower with a face.

Doge!Ipbunpak = Alphys

KorbloxSquire!Ipbunpak = Undyne

PokemonGO!Ipbunpak is the same.

NareBNSF is the same.

Everything and everyone else is unaltered.

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