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Inverted Souls is a another random AU by Bone Apetit, its a AU where the traits of the Human souls changed. Instead of swapping or random things that makes it different, it's inverted. It can be a random event since the souls are inverted, you can see them as humans. But they would be aggressive, except for some.

Somehow, if its a event, then it would start in the fun and games board, like the doomyverse.

About the AU


After the barrier breaks, the souls are finally free, they started to turn into their human forms, but instead of themselves, they are the opposite version of themselves, they realized the souls are inverted. There is no cause of how the souls are inverted, some might say: " Because of a spell " or some might say: " Because its a curse. " Nobody will know, but there is somewhat a cure for it. Everyone tried to find the cure, but they didn't. They have to find the cure. Or else, they would be stuck like this, forever.

The Souls

Everything is still the same but only the souls change.If this is a Roleplay, i would name them Opposite!(Insert soul). Anyways, their souls darkened, and i would only say it in bravery, i dont want to do the same thing over and over.

Fear/Cowardice ( Bravery ) I know what your thinking, Fear from Glitchtale? no, its not pink, its not related to Glitchtale its dark orange, dont expect me to say that its pink i swear. Anyways, Bravery is way too scared to fight you since he have a fear that you might attack him, so he always back away from everyone except for some of the human souls since they wont attack him or something.

Dishonesty ( Integrity ) Since the meaning of integrity means honesty i look at the dictionary or something, i will think the reversed version of Integrity will be a spoiled ballerina, and always lies. Everyone trusted her because of her looks. But she is secretly lying to everyone at the whole time. She doesn't care about her friends even she always say that she loves them, but she is not.

Quitter ( Perseverance ) I cant think of opposite perseverance's name, i only think of the Quitter, can you suggest opposite Perseverance's name in the comments down below? if i choose you, well... what prize you say? its not a contest, so no prize. Anyways, back to the info. This perseverance is very lazy, everytime she does a task, she gives up easily, due to the difficulty, she said. She is not aggressive compared to the other human souls, she just only gives up.

Opposite!Kindness has many names, Inconsideration, Selfishness, Rudeness, and Hatred. (Thats Kindness!) This Kindness is very selfish, and rude, and always bully everyone. Everytime they are sad, she enjoys it. She always beat up people who isn't sad, trying to make them suffer. She is aggressive to her friends.

Impatience ( Patience ) Opposite!Patience is kinda not herself, she always stab someone with her toy knife, she is not very patient at waiting, after a long time, and a person returns, she stabs them in a knee, then tells them why they took so long. She is also not kind at all.

InJustice ( Justice ) Justice is a older brother of Patience,instead of doing justice, and fair things, he is always unfair, and he didn't do anything. Everytime he tried to do justice things, it failed. He isn't aggressive compared to the other human souls, but he is always classified as unfair, he didn't know.

Timidity ( Determination ) The same to Perseverance, This is Frisk.. they got affected... and uh.. they are not aggressive, they are merciful.

And thats it.

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