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Inverted Fate is an Undertale AU where the 6 main monsters swap roles, but not personalities.

About the AU

Asriel succeeded in resetting the timeline, but something went wrong. He's reverted to Flowey without any of the souls in a timeline he can no longer predict. The 6 main characters, as a result, swap places (Toriel and Asgore, Sans and Papyrus, Alphys and Undyne), but personalities remain the same, which leads the characters down different paths of life.



It starts off with Flowey, waking in the timeline that he (Asriel) reset. He sees that he's in the Ruins, and his powers are gone. He assumes that Chara was the problem of the gone-wrong timeline. Flowey then realizes that Chara isn't there, but a lot has changed.

Then, Frisk falls into the Underground. For some reason, they feel like they're home.

Frisk then encounters Flowey.

* Well, look who it is! I thought you'd NEVER come back!

They look at Flowey with a clueless stare, and Flowey then thinks that Frisk may have forgotten about him, but he later thinks that would be impossible.

During Flowey's monologue, Chara narrates: "The fate of the world hangs in the balance!", "Or maybe he's just a weirdo. Most talking plants are." and "As you contemplate this, you wonder... what does he smell like?". Frisk then smells Flowey, with him being annoyed in the process.

Flowey then teaches Frisk about their SOUL, that they're very powerful and any monster can grab it if they die. He then gets out his friendliness pellets, but instead of telling Frisk to run into it, he tells them to dodge it. They then hear someone coming. Flowey hides, and a monster in a cloak with a hood comes up to the human. He introduces himself, Asgore, the guardian of the Ruins. He asks if they're all right, seeing the old-looking bandage and that they look like they fallen a long away. He decides to take them somewhere safe.

As they go on, they go into a garden with all sorts of flowers (including golden flowers). Frisk looks at it in awe, then Asgore tells them that the Ruins used to be empty, so he decorated the Ruins with flowers and plants. Frisk tells him that they love it. They then bring up Flowey as "the weird flower". Asgore didn't understand what Frisk was talking about. Frisk informed him that he talked, until they were interrupted by "the weird flower" (Flowey). Flowey tells Frisk that it was rude of them to bring him up, and that he's not good with boss monsters.

However, Flowey makes a promise to discuss the situation further in the candy room. Upon leaving, Frisk is left with Asgore once more and proceeds to wander through a much more colorful and lively ruins, full of flowers and cheerful monsters. The puzzle has been pressed down by vines, while the second one was deactivated altogether and the spikes removed, like all spikes in the Ruins (Asgore deemed them unsafe and impractical).

In the following room, Asgore intends to introduce them to the Training Dummy, but instead, they encounter Napstablook, who reveals that the dummy is on their lunch break. In an attempt to break the ice, Asgore urges Frisk to befriend Blooky, and Frisk readily agrees, with a hint of playful banter. A tutorial fight soon commences, where Frisk uses familiar actions from previous fights (Mettaton EX, Shyren), like humming and posing. This in turn attracts an eager audience and helps to lift the ghost's spirits. By the end, they're met with a rousing applause. Sensing that Napstablook is overwhelmed, Frisk offers to distract the remaining monsters, and with that, they proceed to their next challenge, albeit after signing a sock of a shy Whimsun.

Where before a winding spike puzzle awaited, Frisk instead finds a group of bridge seeds, a bell blossom, and an incomplete bridge. They get a strange sense that something is amiss, but can't place their finger on it. Ultimately, they solve the puzzle with much praise from Asgore, although Frisk points out the lack of challenge.

As they cross the bridge, they encounter echo flowers, carrying commentary from Napstablook and Mettaton that hints that the two had plans to perform for the Ruins monsters. This is further cemented in the long corridor, now transformed into a flower-filled lounge, complete with Mettaton merchandise, beanbag chairs and couches, a table for snacks, a TV, and many monsters. It is here that Frisk and Asgore temporarily part ways, as Asgore failed to prepare for a surprise guest and Frisk still intends to find Flowey (with some nudging from Chara). After receiving a cell phone, they're left to their own devices and mingle with the monsters with varying degrees of success.

Napstablook, however, is eager to see them again and soon sheds some light on the situation, from his cousin's stardom and secret love of humanity, the negative view most monsters hold toward human kind, the dangers ahead, and just how friendly and influential Asgore is as a caretaker. This leaves Frisk with conflicted feelings, but they resolve to try and keep their chin up and persuade monsters that they're different. The two then part ways, and Frisk soon stumbles upon Flowey behind a pillar.

Flowey presses the fact that he sees Frisk as a "best friend," leading to some uncertainty from Frisk, although they play it off with puns and more banter. Flowey departs for the candy room, and after a brief encounter with a Froggit and more deja-vu, Frisk meets Flowey, eager for some answers.

And that's exactly what they get. Flowey reveals more about the nature of humans and monsters- the war, the barrier, and sugar-coated claims of loneliness and a desire to see the surface. When Frisk questions why they should trust him, Flowey brings up that they've barely known Asgore longer than him. Moreover, when Frisk asks why Flowey's acted so clingy, he plays it off with the excuse that Frisk reminds them of an old friend. In time, though, the two make a promise to break the barrier together, as Flowey supposedly knows a way to do so without Frisk dying. However, he urges Frisk not to tell anyone- not even Asgore. While reluctant, Frisk ultimately agrees, and after some antics with the candy bowl, Frisk continues on their way.


  • Frisk is not a silent protagonist. This is because Frisk doesn't have a player (despite this, they can still SAVE, LOAD and RESET).
  • Papyrus is a party member and follows Frisk out of Snowdin into Waterfall and Hotland.
  • There is a place that is not in any other AUs nor Undertale, "Fort Aquarius". Fort Aquarius is the HQ for the Royal Guard. There is also a town in Waterfall called “Forgespring”. This is presumably where Gerson lives.
  • Mettaton and Napstablook don't swap. This is because Napstablook didn't want to be corporeal and Mettaton's body was built by Undyne as a favor to Alphys. Because he was built by Undyne, he is based on shonen anime, making him look flashy and cool.
  • In the room where the training Dummy was, Napstablook is in the place where the dummy was, to inform Frisk and Asgore that the dummy has gone out to lunch.
  • Flowey remembers the canon Undertale timeline, along with Chara.
  • Flowey acts nice and helpful to Frisk. According to the FAQ, he's like this because "it's convenient".
  • There is an Ace Attorney-like scene planned for the AU. It's going to be set in Hotland, and Papyrus is Frisk's lawyer and Undyne is the prosecutor. This is because the Underground has a law where humans must be placed on trial before killed (likely placed by Toriel).
  • Chara is the Narrator.


Cultural References

  • Doggo looks similar to and acts like Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.
  • Catty and Bratty dresses similarly to Ruby and Yang from RWBY.
  • There are various references to video game weapons such as the sword from HALO


  • Being that this takes place after the pacifist timeline




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