He wears red jacket on right and black jacket on left.

He has hood and fluff . He wear black short and white strip .

He wears black shoes .

" I loses undergalactic sans every time"


He serious ever time because his AU is Destroyed by his power.

In battle

Long time ago . He ever fighted with frisk . and he said

"You dirty of the universe "


- Protect the Undergalactic sans.

Battle with UT chara

UT chara want to revenge Undergalactic sans.

Invert sans goes to hinder UT chara but Undergalactic sans pull chara

to his residance then he destroyed UT chara and judgment chara and

Destroy Genocide in Undertale

Power and ability

- He can use red/blue/white/orange

-Gaster blaster x 1000000000000000000000000000 (No limited)

-He can accelerate temperature to 2500000000000000000000 Degree


-Telekinesis x1000000000000




-He can destroyed Bill sans in Bill sans AU

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