InversedFalls is an AU created by 6DragonSlayer9 where Undertale characters go into the world of Gravity Falls. Mabel and Dipper are replaced by Chara and Frisk etc. The story remains the same and so do the personalities


Chara = Mabel Pines

Frisk = Dipper Pines

Annoying Dog = Waddles

Flowey = Bill Cipher

Asriel Dreemurr = Red/Angry Bill Cipher

Undyne = Wendy Corduroy

Sans = Stanford Pines

Papyrus = Stanley Pines

Muffet = Pacifica Northwest

Mettaton = Preston Northwest

Asgore Dreemurr = Soos Ramirez

Toriel Dreemurr = Melody

Napstablook = Robbie Valentino

W.D Gaster = Fiddleford McGucket

Alphys = Toby Determined

Greater Dog = Sheriff Blubs

Doggo = Deputy Durland

Burgerpants = Tyler Cutebiker

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