Instrumenttale is an AU based around musical instruments. Each musical instrument represents a monster. The AU (or this version) was created by Dream_tale Sans.


Trombone Sans

Trumpet Papyrus

Launchpad Gaster

Xylophone Flowey

Glockenspiel Asriel

Music Box Toriel

Harp Asgore

Microphone Mettaton

Saxophone Napstablook

Acoustic Guitar Dummy

Electric Guitar Mad Dummy

Cymbal Undyne

Baritone Alphys

Triangle Muffet

Timpani Temmie

Horn Annoying Dog

Harmonica So Sorry


Lemon Bread

Reaper Bird



Singing Chara

Clapping Frisk


Once upon a time, there were two species ruling the world: HUMANS and MONSTERS. Monsters loved music, and depended upon the humans to make it for them. One day, the monsters invented instruments, so that they could make their own music. The humans became increasingly angry. As the years went on, the humans became so mad that they clogged the King's instrument. The King became so mad, that he waged war on the humans. The humans won, and ran the monsters underground with horrible singing and loud clapping. Later, a child fell down Music Mountain. Asriel found them, and helped them get to Asgore. Asgore refused to take care of them. Toriel ran off to the Ruins with Asriel and Chara. Chara died because of cancer later. Asriel committed suicide just a week after. Toriel started talking to herself, and the Underground forgot the two. A few years later, seven other humans fell down. Then, Frisk fell down.

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