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Insanetale is a AU made by MaLovelySwapSans AND DerpyBlueberrySans.

NOTE: In this AU, Frisk and Chara are Female. Please do not argue about what the creators decided.


In Insanetale, everyone is insane. Sans abuses his brother, and Papyrus does the same. Chara was insane, but now, she and and Frisk are trying to restore some of the lost sanity of others. This AU takes place 10 years after Frisk has Fallen.

Frisk and Chara are slightly insane, but try to cover up the lost sanity. The main character in Insanetale is Ashlynn, a girl. She is the 9th human to fall.

Character Changes

  • Sans doesn't know how to control his powers.
  • Error!Sans cannot erase this universe.

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