InkBatter!Frisk is an alternate version of Frisk those exist on an timeline where,because of two accidental portals,managed to face The Batter from OFF,and Bendy the Demon from Bendy and the Ink Machine.

About the AU

Some time after the events of the True Pacifist Route,Frisk noticed her friends we're evacuated.She learned from them that two omnious,black and white figures appeared because of two accidental portals Alphys made and we're marching trough the Monster Village.Frisk,being the Ambassador of the Monster-kind,solved to investigate.She discovered the two "monochrome" figures we're The Batter and Bendy,both with dark motivations.Frisk wanted to SAVE them both,but couldn't find an way to do it.In the end,she ended shattering her SOUL,and the two halves linked into each of her opponents.The Batter and Bendy,both new to real feelings,we're confused about recieving an SOUL.Frisk,however,ended taking the influences of the two and became a SOULess being just like Flowey.However,she could live with her friends later with just some small conflicts.



Frisk skin tone is still the same as when she had her full SOUL.However,her shirt is white and her pants are black.The stripes remains the same.Her hair also growed,hiding the right eye.While the left eye is hidden because of shades,the right eye seems to drop ink.

Her SOUL is now an red shape without any fill.


Frisk curiously didn't change too much of her personality,even after losing her SOUL.She's still an nice,caring and friendly human.However,she suffers from the fact that she can't feel full emotions.


  • InkBatter!Frisk is able to SAVE and RESET.
  • InkBatter!Frisk is able to manipulate and create ink to an small extent.
  • InkBatter!Frisk is able to create an Baseball Bat out of Determination Power.She barely uses it for Fighting,since she's still an Pacifist.


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