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About the AU

Infinitetale is an AU where is every main monster is a god from the Greek Mythology.

The story follows Papyros who wants to become a god like his brother Sansus.

To become a god Papyros has to prove himself to Asgorus that he is worthy to become a god by killing the human called Infinite Frisk who holds The Heart Locket of Life


  • Papyros- The main character and the savior.
  • Sansus- The God of Jokes and Papyros's brother.
  • Asgorus- The King of The Gods.
  • Torialis- The Queen of The Gods.
  • Asrielis- The Prince of The Gods
  • Infinite Frisk- The chosen human by The Heart Locket of Life.
  • Infinite Chara- The worst enemy...
  • Infinity (Gaster)- Unknown.