"Vengeance has been casted upon you. "
– Infernox after someone has done something terrible.

Infernox is a fallen angel and an ex-lieutenant in the Sins of 12. He also used to be the angel of justice. He is currently the demonic angel of karma, and controls justice as well. Unlike Spectron, he is NOT a cringe hunter. As of now, he is in charge of whether someone goes to Hell or Heaven. He did not appear in a specific AU when he arrived, and just appeared outside of any AU code.

In 6-tale, he will be voiced by TheDarkestDecent.

It is noted that Infernox has a very weak British-Roman accent.


Infernox is a tall demonic being with very dark grey skin and black armor. His chestplate covers his torso, and imprinted on his chest is his badge, which is held onto his chest by four grey straps going diagonally. His shoulder armor has grey details, and used to bear the satanic leviathan symbol on both pieces. He bears four arms with sharp digits each, but only his top arms are armored. His eyes are part triangular and part squarish, all black except for thin and vertical red pupils. A red, curved scar goes down each eye. His mouth is jagged with short triangular teeth outlined in bright red. Due to his mouth's structure, he is sometimes unable to change his facial expression. He also bears single jointed horns. One pair points up, while the other pair points More downward. He also bears skeletal wings that resemble those of a bird. They are colored white, and are sharp at the tips. He is also much taller than Spectron, one of his teammates.


As an angel, Infernox was very compassionate, and strongly believed in justice. Over time, he confused it with vengeance, thus he fell from Heaven down to Hell. He became more vengeful, and grew a need to help others get revenge on those who caused them pain. Later on when he regained his mind and realized what he was doing was wrong, he longed to redeem himself, but since his mind saw both needs for justice and revenge, he decided to control karma instead.

It is unknown how he feels these emotions, as he has no soul. Though it is possible as an angel he was taught the emotions. Though, as the demon of vengeance, it is very hard for him to feel mercy, and he is incapable of forgiveness.

Infernox, as the Leader of the ex-sins, is also very charismatic and motivational, and his comrades love him for this.

Though he is very caring and compassionate, he can be very cruel when angered or hurt. This was demonstrated when he saved a young girl, freeing her from a kidnapper's house, and went to return her. When he did, her parents hit him because he was a demon and they were scared of him. This hurt him so much that he tormented the two parents by haunting the house, though he left the girl alone.


There was once an angel named Gabriel. He was in charge of justice. However, over the decades, he began to confuse justice with vengeance, and instead of bringing people to justice, he took revenge on other mortals for hurting innocent lives. His angel lord told him what he was doing was wrong, killing countless people who have supposedly hurt innocent lives, but he insisted he was doing the right thing. Later on, due to his beliefs, he was kicked out of Heaven down to Hell, where he became the absolute demon lord of vengeance. He then befriended a demon named Hades, the absolute demon lord of Death, who invited him to join the deadly group known as the Sins of 12. As the years passed, however, he became aware of his wrong doings, and became deeply ashamed. As a way to redeem himself, he left the Sins of 12, and became the demonic angel of karma.


In 6-tale, he was already an ex-sin. With the help of Chibi, Maguto, and Karma, he reforms the former human Sins, who then help them fight. In the invasion, Betty heavily wounds Spectron, one of Infernox's closest friends, nearly killing him. Spectron, now weak from the blow, falls down, bleeding, while Chibi hugs and caresses him, trying to keep him alive. Deeply moved and saddened by this, Infernox's eyes brightly flash red as he raises his arm up high, sending a supressor spike up from the ground into her arm, trapping her and leaving her unable to use her magic abilities. He then performs Final Arbitration, blasting Betty and Akumu with it as Betty screams in pain and catches on fire. Pieces of her break off of her and turn into ashes, and the same happens to Akumu. Infernox then grabs their spirits and sends them to the Nightmare Realm to suffer for eternity.


Many of Infernox's abilities are linked to bad deeds as an entity. He determines who will get what they deserve and who won't. In physical form, he possesses pyrokinesis, satanic energy manipulation, light magic, umbrakinesis or dark magic. He is immensely strong, able to pick up and throw Blasphus with ease. His special attack involves spitting a stream of pure vengeance (in its physical form) or blasting it through his eyes or mouth. This blast torments the victim with their sins, and usually results in punishing them with what they deserve. This attack is known as the Final Arbitration. The attack also strengthens if he's angry. Because he has relatively hollow bones and light armor, his wings allow him to fly at top speeds of 70 mph, making him the fastest member, though he can also teleport short distances. One would be surprised with his flying skills. He can dive, climb, and accelerate with ease, usually leaving his enemies stumped or disoriented. Among the entire Sins of 12, Infernox is by far the best flyer after Dread (Though Dread is notably better at diving). His main ability is the power to turn into a silhuetted chimaera with red eyes. In chimaera form, he maintains the same height, but is larger in mass.


  • He always puts justice first, even before friends.
  • He has rather limited knowledge of the multiverse.
  • He will have a harder time defeating a being who is pure good, as they have no Sins to feed off of.
  • In combat, he talks too much.
  • He's rather slow on land (but still faster than Arsonus).


  • His name derives from the word Inferno, or Hell.
  • His name used to be Nemesis
  • He used to have no wings, only two horns, and two arms.
  • Because his mouth cannot change expressions, his eyes indicate his emotions. White represents fear, blue represents sorrow, green represents happiness, orange represents upsetness, and flashing red represents anger.
  • He is not the same as the Gabriel from the Bible.
  • He is the fastest Sin on the team, but this is only in air. He isn't as fast on land.
  • He has a slight British accent.

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