"Soon you will see my way"
– Infected

It seems that you have come across someone you know shouldn't exist. What you do next may help or End your Journey.


Infected's Au is Called PeaceTale, it was a place of magic and prosperity. Everyone had made it to the Surface! Days of peace turned into years. Sans and Papyrus went to go visit the human and Toriel. Everything was going jut fine. But then...everything went MAD! Sans could feel it...everyone seeping, drinking, descending and growing. Faces on other faces! Heat burning his eye's and the feeling of eating glass. But then it stopped?! It got cold and colder. The air got thick and his eye's were flooded with the blood of those close to him. He now only feels sick....lost?.....alone!.....and.... Infected. When Sans woke up hours later everything was burning, the sun was blazing with a raging hell fire. It felt as if sans was in hell, there was no one in sight. Sans fell to the ground and lost all hope with no chance of having peace, sans gave in to the very infection that ruined his work MADNESS. Sans had given into despair  and  Madness, what came next can only be known as being truly Mad. Infected then awoke to an unfamiliar place. He awoke in HorrorTale, he then grabbed an Axe from Sans and improved it to his liking. He then found himself with human.......and he had run all out of hope. He now only has one thing to do...die alone. But it doesn't have to end this way, why should his story end the many others continue?! He then saw HorrorTale frisk and undyne.....those guys look like.......they need some love! Infected had started to grow sick the things he did the people killed, the innocence of those he had taken. At this point why stop!?, so now infected continues to roam the Multiverse taking everything from everyone. This is a Bad Ending.


He looks similar to Horrortale sans except this sans has a patch on his skull and one eye hole is white and the other black and his axe is completely white, he wears black and red shoes along with a nice pair of sorts. He has a giant slash in the middle of his shirt and jacket.


All remaining sanity that he had is gone, now he's nothing,but madness and insanity, He has a bad habit of repeating dialogue and saying things that are on his mined instead of something else. He loves eating Popsicle's and eating burgers. When he gets angry or flustered he has a bad habit for shuffling his jacket. He isn't a rapist, but will always threaten to rape or sexually attack you. His brain is split into a thousand pieces and has no reason for anything. He Tends to leave his jaw open even when he's not speaking. He likes to scratch and bite his arms and head.



He'll use his axe to kill and deal extra damage. Is also the only thing that can damage a God.

Gaster Blaster

Standard Attack

Bone Attack

Standard Attack

Play Dead

once you hit him he will try to play dead to get you to lower your guard.

Spine Attack

this attack, Infected garbs the spine of a skeleton and uses it as a whip and a grappling hook.

Monstrous Form

This form was show in a battle for AlterTale (Which is non-Canon) This form triple's Infected's Attack by 100 and Gives him a black Monster like form which gives him almost invincible defense.

Ultimate Defense

This 5 min ability allows Infected to take 0 damage no matter who is hitting him.


This isn't a power, but yet is something that he does. This state of behavior is shown in the article ''AlterTale Has been taken'. Where Infected starts to act alot more then what he usually acts like, He acts more sick and Doesn't think about any actions that he does at any moment. This behavior is used to make his enemies flee in fear or Disgust of the things he shouts and says he will do to them.

Unholy Scream

This is skill that allows Infected when he is in danger to let out a blood curtailing scream so loud that Error404 can hear it. But when it's over this allows Infected to summon all genocide or even Neutral run Characters to come and assist him.

God Breaker

This attack takes alot of magic, but compared to how much Power/Magic Infected has it's more like he's using a pint or a Quarter of Magic. This attack allows Infected to grab a God for Example Error!Sans and Turn them into a Powerless God. This works by Infected Using his magic to overtake Error!Sans's and therefore make his Magic drain while Infected gains more magic.


This power allows Infected to gain the powers of anyone they bite or Eat. This means if he were to bite someone like Birdtale sans, He would get his powers and a piece of his physical being, Such as He's wings.

Black Being

This is also not a power, but a part of Infected's physical being. This Black blood runs through Infected's bone marrow and replaced his blood with a Black ooze. This Blackness allows Infected to harden his skin and also allows him to make black tentacles like Nightmare. This can also be used to fuse his body with another person.

The Power of a Creator

Infected can create a Au all by himself..well sorta, Infected  can create a small piece of one. Infected consumed a creator and now can creator small things, such as Characters, items and with enough magic put into can create his own button.


  • Swapfell Sans was wondering around Snowdin when swore he saw someone watching him behind the store keepers in.
  • UnderSwap sans told papyrus that he swore he saw strange markings carved over a huge section of the woods in Snowdin.
  • Undertale Papyrus told sans he was happy he played hide and seek with him, but when sans said he'd been at the house the entire time papyrus asked ''Then who was that i was playing with?''
  • BirdTale Sans was flying around his AU when he saw another Sans siting on a high tree he went over to go talk to him,but the moment he blinked he was gone.
  • What!Sans was wondering through Hotland when he swore he saw another version of himself walking across the lava below.
  • DreamTale Sans was helping people around his AU when he saw someone leaning against a wall staring at him, he was about to go over to talk to him,but when he got up the figure walked away into a dark alleyway.
  • Dark Sans was destroying an AU and saw a normal sans walking with an axe in hand, he attacked with his chain and his energy thinking it would kill it but it dodged.
  • Rescuetale Undyne saw someone looking like Sans running away from a collapsing building. She went after him but decided she needed to concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Doomtale Undyne fought Infected after he tried to attack her.


You can add your own stuff and Idc if it's Negative or not, cause this guy is a bad guy.
  • Infected is a very old AU he was around During AlphaTale/UnderTale 2.0's Prime.
  • Error404 and infected are enemies
  • Infected has been seen by only a few AUs
  • Infected was the one who killed Alpha!Sans
  • Infected is the first murder and the first Genocide runner in the Multiverse
  • Infected's AU is unknown
  • Infected's Axe has a chain inside it that lets it extend.
  • Infected got his axe from Horrotale, but originally he used a sharp bone for a weapon.
  • Infected is the origin for all evil and bad in the Multiverse.
  • Infected can only be found where there is pure and Chaotic evil.
  • Infected has targeted more places then AlterTale, Whether or not you find out which Au's they are will be the issue.
  • Infected's Soul is shaped like Four souls combined into one.
  • Infected can eat other soul's and combine them with his.
  • Infected is said to have a disciple called ''The Apprentice''
  • Infected can only give birth to Female offspring, this is because of the way his code was bulit. So for future refreance if anyone has an idea to make Infected and another sans have a child then the offspring must be a Female.
  • Infected's body and blood is made of some different type of substance that allows him to harden his bone marrow to a point to where even bullets shatter upon impact!.
  • Infected is Bisexual
  • Infected loves to bite his fingers off and chew on concrete and cement.
  • Infected's code that made up his character was altered and mixed up with HorrorTale's after his Fight with Error404.
  • Infected is always watching
  • When infected dies he turns to stone
  • Infected's dialogs text is a mix of comic sans, creepy and wing dings.
  • Infected has small followers know as "wisp", they are living sentient souls that eat other souls.
  • Infected's white eye socket is actually an overgrown pupil.

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