Impossible Tale is an AU where every character is stronger, but that isn't all. Many years before undertale, another human with DT fell into the underground. They proceeded to commit 50,672,546 Genocide routes. All of the people dying many times, and all of the resets messed up the time line. This resulted in stronger characters, but gave everyone a mental disability or a new trait. After this, they gave up the reset button, and when Frisk fell into the underground, Alphys was terrified that it had disapeared.

Main Characters:

Flowey No change.
Toriel Aquaphobia.
Napstablook Chromophobia.
Sans Slight ADHD.
Papyrus Extreme ADHD.
Undyne Claustrophobia.
Alphys Lack of magic.
Mettaton Dyslexia.
Asgore Pure insanity.

Side Characters:

Muffet Sex addiction.
Doggo Kinesiophobia.
Grilby Xylophobia/Hylophobia.

This Sans is an interesting character, with a small amount of a different personality, and quite a bit stronger powers.

Personality: More aware of the resets, more depressed, and more DETERMINED.

Powers: Has one attack/defense like normal, but will let you go first in the battle, and if hit, doesn't doge. Instead, he almost dies, but comes back as DT Sans. When killed again, he becomes Soul!Sans.

DT Sans: More DETERMINED, his red and blue both become purple, and he gains 3000 defense, and 5 attack. He ceases to doge, but is now able to take it. When killed, he becomes Soul!Sans.

Soul!Sans: When he becomes Soul!Sans, and absorbs one of human souls at a time, switching when hit. His health is carried in the soul he has. His attacks are based of of the weapon of that soul, and also wears the Armour of it. When hit, it is the final hit, and he actually dies.

If anyone wishes to draw these characters, make comics, or music, go ahead. Do not claim the AU as your own, and please leave art in the comments.

Official Art:

Created by DavidDaGaster.

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