"Howdy, i'm Impact!"
– Impact

Impact is a main character of CNAS-Tale. He is the older brother of Times New Roman and former prisoner of The Meat Factory.


Impact is a short, white skeleton. He always seen wearing a cowboy outfit, with a dark brown hat, a lighter brown vest over a pale brown long sleeve, a dark pale brown pair of jeans, brown boots and a brown belt with a lasso and a gun holster attached to it.


Impact is the complete opposite of Times New Roman in personality. He is very kind and brave, not doing anything for fame or respect, just doing the things that he deems good. Sometimes he does act a bit silly, but overall he has a good and strong heart. Although he is very respectful to most people, sometimes he does show hatred towards some people, but this is not often. Despite this, he is always kind and wiling to do what's right.

Abilities and Weaknesses


Impact, unlike most other skeletons, does not have any known powers. Instead, he has a special weapon, a gun made of bone. This gun is linked to the magic within his SOUL, and when he harnesses the magic, he can use his gun to shoot pure concentrated energy. He also is effective using his lasso, using it to rope people keeping them tied up, leaving them vulnerable. He also is very strong in physical combat just in case he is disarmed. That combined with his high stats makes him a force to be reckoned despite his lack of magic powers.


Although Impact is powerful he is by no means hard to defeat. He is not good at strategizing, often leaping into battle just to protect people, which can often lead to openings. He is also left vulnerable if his lasso, gun, or both are removed. Even if he is powerful in physical combat, he is more combat centered rather than defense centered, often not focusing on defending himself, which can mess him up in battle.



  • Obviously, Impact is also named after a font.
  • Impact is the only original CNAS-Tale OC, as everyone else had at least one other source or inspiration.
  • Despite being shorter, Impact is 2 years older than TNR.
  • As seen by his design and heard by his speech pattern, he is into cowboys.
  • Impact was originally made by TNF for an early version of Beyondtale.

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