Immortal Sans Lives In A World Of Snowdin Where He Is Immortal, He Even Took Out The Entire Human Race With 1 Hit His Enemeys Are Error Sans And Virus Sans And Wants peace to the Undertale AUS By Taking Them Out Of Existence His Friends Are Sans Freshtale Sans and Undefell Sans And Horrortale Sans He Even Took Out Ultra Sans Asriel Dreemurr Asgore And Omega Flowey In One Blow He Respects Ink Sans The Protector Of The AUS He Can Restore Error Sans Puppets Into Their Orginal Form He Is The Strongest Sans AU In The Undertale AU Mutiverse link to Virus Sans:
Earthbound Halloween Hack Music - Final Boss (Megalovania)02:00

Earthbound Halloween Hack Music - Final Boss (Megalovania)

Link To Error


In Another Universe Of Undertale Immortal Sans Lives In He Used To Live With His Brother Papyrus Until He Killed The Human Race Causing Papyrus To Move Out Of His Own Home And Undyne Saw Sans As A Problem And She Tryed To Stop Him But Failed He Soon Meet Asgore Where Asgore Tryed To Stop Sans But Failed Then Flowey Appeared In Front Of The Barrier And Turned into Asriel Dreemurr and tryed to stop Sans But Failed Now He Roams In A Empty Village Wating For Someone To come to the Village Like Error Sans Or Virus Sans

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