So illusion sans is really a time protector he basically created the timelines and goes around visiting aus. his favorite food is tofu and he has more health than most sans's.He has a added attack where when your fighting him he'll throw a clock which will bring you back farther in the fight which makes it very raggable in his fight in the game. He's not really evil or good it depends on what he's doing, he's kinda in the middle. Illusion Sans is kinda like a god but his main weakness is that he never chooses a side so he can get betrayed easil.Hes kinda like classic Sans and like ink Sans and science Sans mixed together. He will fight you in all the runs but it goes like this, in pacifist it's really easy to beat him, neutral is a little bit harder, and genocide is the hardest. I would give more info but I'm not nearly done making the au so I'll probably make a part two to this later for now the basics is Illusion Sans is a time god. And now I'm not planning to make this a game. Now art? Maybe. This in a jumble because this is my first time making a articl. It would be helpful to put in the comments how I can organize this and I'll probably make a better version.

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