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I'm a super hero now!

— Ian

Ian is the human that fell down right before Frisk in the AU Forevertale, created by Cinder. He has the light blue soul or the soul of patience. He is nine and was adopted by Snowdrake's family and lives in Snowdin. He goes to Tri-City School and is good friends with Chito, Frisk, and Monster Kid. He is also kind of friends with Rose.


Ian has grey-blue eyes and short, usually messy blond hair. He wears a red shirt with a single brown stripe near the top. He wears jeans and usually has a dark green hoodie on if he is in Snowdin and wears it with the sleeves tied around his neck like a cape when he is anywhere else. He also usually has a faded red ribbon tied around his wrist.


He is loud and excitable when he is around his friends, always running around, and often pretending to be a super hero with his cape. Occasionally he will be a little bossy, but he doesn't try to be. He is really smart, catching on to things fast, so he will often be bored in school. He is a fast reader but will not read very much unless he gets interested in a book or book series.

When he is alone, his mood will be sporadic and he will often fall towards depression. He will think others just tolerate him and don't actually like him. He will think that he is a burden on everyone around him. Even if he is totally happy, his mood can suddenly change at the slightest hint that one of his friends or his family don't want his company or don't want him around.

When bullies tease him, it doesn't bother him at all. He will just wait for them to go away. And if one of his friends is teasing him jokingly, he will laugh and agree jokingly, but when friends tease him he actually agrees with them. If his friends get mad at him he will do everything in his power to make them feel better. Even if his friends forgive him for something he did, he still blames himself for a long time. When he gets mad at is friends he will feel guilty about being mad at them once he forgives them.






  • He is based off of what Cinder was like when she was younger
    • His last name (Baker) is a name Cinder runs into a lot while doing family history.
  • He's named after a crush that Cinder had in fourth grade.

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