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Hypershift is an AU created bu DustyTheGoat. Much like TwistingSwap, this one swaps a lot of characters. However, unlike that one, this one actually DOES swap all of the characters, from enemies to NPCs to Shopkeepers ect. Also, other things like areas are changed as well. The only things that don't change are So Sorry, because of reasons unexplained and Jerry, because, and I quote "F*ck you, Jerry. Just f*ck you."


Original Location New Location Description
The Ruins Ruined Laboratory A laboratory in a ruined state. It looks much like the True Lab.
Snowdin Sandune A desert with lots of tall cacti. It has a town here somewhere...
Waterfall Rainforest A rain forest, duh. It's very rainy and oftentimes foggy.
Hotland Claypeak A large area with hardened clay as it's main surface. There is no lava, however.
True Lab Freezing Basement Lab A basement turned lab. Trust me, bring a coat. And about three more.
The CORE Electric Generator It looks like the normal CORE, but it has a lot more electric currents.
New Home New Home Remains unaltered.


Main Characters

Character Role Species (If altered) Theme Name Other Notes
Gerson The Player/Protagonist Role Human N/A Much younger than canon
Vegetoid The Empty One Role Living carrot Your Healthiest Friend, Your Worst Meal N/A
Doggo The Caretaker Role Dog Moving Down, Visionimpairment Still has Riddoch syndrome (can't see still objects)
Whimsun The Recluse Role Moth, I think? Whimsical Fight N/A
Omega (Omega Flowey) The Judge Role Abomination omega., It's The Finale Somewhere Else, Song That Might Play When Omega is Your Worst Nightmare,  FINALEOVANIA No longer photoshop style, is MUCH smaller. Also, less godly.
Catty The Ambitious Role Cat (Some sort of Nyeh heh heh theme, can't think of a name right now) Trashtrousle N/A
Moldsmal The Captain of the Guard Role Jell-O? Moldsmal, Run!, *Splooch!*, Jell-O Flavored Justice, Battle Against a True Hero, But the Earth Refused to Die N/A
Woshua The Idolizer Role Whatever the hell Woshua is. N/A N/A
Flowey The Royal Scientist Role Flower Flowey N/A
Sans The Celebrity Role Robot Skeleton Bone Breaker, showtime., Song That Might Play When You Have a Death by Glamour, POWEROFNEO N/A
Ice Cap The Monarch Role Ice Cap? König der Hüte und Eis + ICE CAP N/A
Snowdin Shopkeeper The Soulless Angel Role Rabbit Hopes and Dreams, Her Theme N/A
Nicey (Nice Cream Guy) The Fallen Role Rabbit N/A N/A

Minor Characters and Enemies

Ruined Laboratory Enemies Role
River Person The Inactive Role
Snowman The Accidental God Role
Snowdrake The Froggit Role
SOUL of Patience The Whimsun Role
SOUL of Integrity The Moldsmal Role
SOUL of Perceverence The Loox Role
Dogamy The Vegetoid Role
Astigmatism The Migosp
Sandune Enemies Role
Lemon Bread The Trusting Role
Napstablook The Second Comedian Role
Vulkin The Ice Cap Role
Muffet The Pettable Role
Gyftrot The Comic Clone Role
RG 01 The Gytrot Role
Burgerpants The Blind Role
Frisk & Asriel The Unit Pair Role
Tsunderplane The Playful Role
Chilldrake The Glyde Role
Jerry The Jerry Role
Rainforest Enemies Role
Reaper Bird The Cherished Role
Undyne The ; ) Role
Mad Dummy The Woshua Role
Dummy The Moldbygg Role
Moldessa The Shyren Role
Chara The Chaotic Villager Role
Claypeak Enemies Role
Pyrope The Outrageous Vendor Role
SOUL of Bravery The Vulkin Role
Migosp The Tsunderplane Role
Loox The Pyrope Role
Final Froggit & Madjick The Other Pair Role
Electric Generator Enemies Role
Lesser Dog The Final Froggit Role
Moldbygg The Whimsalot Role
RG 02 The Astigmatism Role
Glyde The Madjick Role
SOUL of Kindness The Knight Knight Role
Freezing Basement Lab Enemies Role
Shyren The Trio Role
Froggit The Faceless Role
Whimsalot The Everyman-User Role
Aaron The Echoing Role
Migospel The Melted Mother Role


Character Role
Dogaressa The Repetitive Vendor Role
Endogeny The Bravery Vendor Role
Migops The Perseverance Vendor Role
Temmie & Toby The Trash Vendors Role
Asgore The Oppressed Vendor Role
Pyrope The Outrageous Vendor Role
Chara The Village Shop Role

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