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Hungarytale is an AU by Hoparduc Snowpanther where everyone is portrayed as Hungarian Folktale characters.

Pacifist Route

Fruska (Frisk) the 10 year old female Hungarian child falls down Mount Mátra into the underground. She meets a poppy called Vircsi (Flowey). Who intended to kill her. Soon Zetés (Toriel) the 50 year old goat wearing a Hungarian dress saves them. The Romok (Ruins) are covered in Matyó marks. She meets a ghost called Zenésblúk (Nappstablook) When she leaves the Romok to Behavzott (Snowdin) she meets the Skeleton called Sanyi (Sans) and his younger brother Papíros (Papyrus) the two set up traps for the player. Sanyi is 15 and wears traditional Hungarian boy clothes and Papíros is 12 and he wears Huszár clothes and loves Lángos. As soon as Fruska makes it past Papíros, Sanyi takes her on a date to Perzselő Kocsmálya (Grillby's). Sanyi accompanies Fruska during the journey and the two usually hold hands while walking (they are canonically together). Soon they meet Nemhelás (Undyne) who wears armor with Hungarian motives, attacks with kopjas and chases them trough Vízesés (Waterfall). They also meet the little lizard kid called Szörny Gyermek (Monster Kid). They make it past Nemhelás and meet Őféls (Alphys) and Metonna (Mettaton). Metonna looks like a Rubix Cube. Őfés gives them a Puli called Összekutyult (Endogeny) (instead of a phone) They go through Forrófölde (Hotland). They meet Pókica the spider (Muffet) Sanyi takes Fruska to the restaurant MTT Lakály and the MAG and battle Metonna who transforms into a traditional Hungarian singer Metonna IX. They reach Új Hon (New Home). There they battle the king called Asvér who wears shepherd clothes. Vircsi appears and transform into Szemfényvesztő Vircsi (Photoshop Flowey) After that they go and set up Nemhelás and Őféls and they go down to the Igazi Lab. They go and battle Gabsriel (Asriel) and the barrier is broken. Fruska and Sanyi eventually gets married.

Genocide Route

Here Fruska kills everyone. Sanyi doesn't take them on a date since they killed Papíros but still stalks them both out of anger and love. Nemhelás transform into Nemhelás a Nemhaló. Metonna transform into Metonna HUN but gets killed in one hit. Sanyi will fight the player and will use Busó Masks to fight. There is an extra act option Kiss which reduces the Adjon Isten Fogadj Isten (KR). After he is defeated Vircsi and Asvér is killed and Szere a 12 year old Hungarian Child comes to life and erases the timeline.

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